Top 10+ Easy Guitar Songs For a Beginner Guitarist

When we were first learning to play guitar, we had no idea regarding what songs are good for the beginner players. We were looking for easy chord songs on the guitar so that we can start our guitar journey comfortably and learn the guitar lessons fast.

Songs For A Beginner Guitarist

If you are also looking for the best songs for a beginner guitarist, here top 10+ easy guitar songs that any beginner can master.

#1. Shake It Off

This song is by one of the most renowned American singers – Taylor Swift. It is known as the up-tempo dance-pop track.

The most amazing thing about this song is it stayed on the top 100 songs chart for 50 consecutive weeks. Therefore, it is safe to say that everyone knows about this song and you probably know it too. Practicing it will be a little bit easier and exciting.

You work mainly on the G-string at a tempo of 160 beats per minute. Besides, it uses only three chords. You can play all three of them with only two fingers. Some experts call it one of the easiest songs to learn on guitar in the early stages of learning. For that reason, we recommend this song for the children too who are enthusiastic about learning guitar.

#2. Matchbox

This is an old song and released in 1957. The lyrics of this song match with the 1927 song, ‘Match Box Blues’, which was written by Jefferson.

Clark Perkins’s song teaches a lot about chords but the main thing you’d love the most is it focuses on the rhythm. You learn how to alternate strumming while solidifying your rhythm in the music through the guitar.

To master this song, you only need to work on three chords – A, D, and E. All these chords are easy to control even in the full-size acoustic guitars.

Also, people who love the ‘Beatles’ style music, and used to work on a few strings, would love this song a lot, as it was later recorded by the Beatles too.

#3. Good Year For The Roses

We are talking about Elvis Costello, not Elvis Presley. This song was first released in 1970, written by Jerry Chesnut.

It is kind of like a depressing song, however, the notes which are played in it are quite strong. They are the centerpiece throughout the song.

The difficulty level of this track is a novice, therefore even a beginner can have command on it. But bear in mind it requires the tuning of E A D G B E.

Without tuning these strings, it would be immensely difficult to acquire the tone you need to complement this track.

#4. Drink A Beer

It is written by Jim Beavers and Chris Stapleton. It is a rather new and popular song, released in 2003. We know some people will complain that it is not an easy song to master and we agree also a bit with them.

Since the reason why most beginners avoid it is it has intermediate type picking in the intro; it sometimes baffles the novice players.

But, in reality, if you would continue practicing it, you will find the chords of this song rather straightforward. You only need to focus on regular C and G.

In case you have a good command on G and you are learning more about the G-string, you should opt for this song, as it uses the G chord more in the beginning.

Listening to this song, again and again, will facilitate you in understanding how the professional musicians utilize the G-string for creating music.

#5. Edges of Seventeen

The Edges of Seventeen is one of the most recognizable and famous songs by Stevie Nicks. It is also covered by many different artists due to its popularity.

For guitar players, it is well-liked. It features a distinctive, chugging 16th note guitar riff with the combination of the simple chord structure. That’s why when you learn it, you understand how the notes perform.

Your primarily focus on the C, D, and Em of the guitar chords. The picking is without a doubt harder but the strumming compared to picking is easy.

Other than that, the tonality of this song compels you to pick the strings pretty fast, which is also rather great for learning.

#6. Radioactive

It is popular and almost everyone knows about this song. Sadly, the thing most people don’t know about Radioactive is it is an electronically influenced track.

If you have an electric guitar, you are in luck. Practice ‘Radioactive’ song on it as much as you can. It will let you understand how the tones on the electric guitar work and what differentiates them from the acoustic guitar.

This song also has the element of dubstep which can be controlled by an electric guitar more efficiently. The good thing about this son is it is easy on guitar, that’s why an ideal choice for the beginners; the chords are easy and not too fast either.

#7. All I Want Is You

U2 is an Irish rock band famous for dominating the UK and Australian music charts in their era. This song, ‘All I Want Is You’, indeed reached the number 38 in the US music charts.

Practicing ‘All I Want Is You’ is super easy and fun. You only need to get in and out of three main chords. It mainly counts on the chord G and Cadd9 in the verse. But in the chorus, you introduce Em and chord C with the chord G and Cadd9.

Dominating the chorus can be a little tricky, we understand; the other chords for the verse and very straightforward. It is easy to learn within a day.

#8. Stand By Me

It is a classical song, easy on the guitar, and suits the acoustic guitar model.

If we say this is another great song for polishing your rhythm, it would be correct. It has great strumming patterns throughout the song that are good for improving the rhythm.

When your fingers focus on the four chords over and over, you learn how the rhythm works and it complements the song on the guitar.

The main chords we used in the ‘Stand By Me’ song are G, E, minor C, and D. All four chords are involved in creating the rhythm. And, the best thing you only need is two fingers to work on all four of them.

The only difficulty a beginner might face is the fingers are closed together on the same frets. That’s why in the beginning, you can miss some strings while learning.

#9. Time of Your Life

This song chord chart is very interesting. Since it has some picking at the beginning and the end of the song. This is the reason why it is a fun song too.

The only issue in this song is the strumming patterns are rather effortless to do but for the picking patterns you have to practice a lot more. Once you have the command on the picking patterns of this song, you start loving it.

When we see the chord chard of this song, the chord G and the Cadd9 are mainly used in the verses, but you find the Em too. The instrumental rhythm in the song is like G/G/Cadd9/Dsus4.

#10. Seven Nation Army

This song was first released in March 2003 and immediately got the popularity it deserves.

This track by The White Stripes soon became the sports anthem as served as the theme song for the sports team. Though it is aimed at electric guitar players one can practice on its chords on the acoustic guitar also.

Most guitar teacher often recommends this song to the beginner and teach its highs and lows in their classes, because your fingers learn how to move around the fretboard. For example, while playing this song on the guitar you work on the 7th fret, 10th fret, 2nd fret, and 3rd fret.

#11. Hey Jude

This song used only open chords.

We know it begins with playing the piano but there are guitar chords too, which are dependent on the three chords. The only difference in this song is the C chord is replaced by the B chord.

Just bear in mind it is better to use the capo with this track. Particularly for females, it is very necessary since it is very low for the female voice.

As a female, you have to capo up when learning this song on the guitar and singing it. The other reason why you should try this song as a beginner is it is a good beginning to get introduced to the 7 chords.


So, pick up your guitar and take a shot at one of these beginner-friendly songs.

While learning them, ensure that you are understanding the chords and switching between them in each song. This is the right way to learn quickly and it benefits your playing style too.

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