Top 3 Best Oscar Schmidt 12 String Guitars

Have a love for Oscar Schmidt Guitars? Congratulation!!! It means you have a very fine taste in music. The Oscar Schmidt Guitar Company is famous for producing great 12-string guitars in the industry.

Oscar Schmidt 12 String Guitars

Oscar Schmidt 12 String Guitars

The guitars of Oscar Schmidt are pretty impressive in overall designing and crafting. They are well-built and contain quality components.

Plus, the modest price makes them a winner in the industry. 

If you are specifically looking for a 12 string guitar, luckily this company has a wide variety of models. All of them have a professional look and a unique identity. Once you start playing them, you perceive why experts call them the source of music.

Top 3 Oscar Schmidt 12 String Guitars Acoustic Electric Reviews

Below are a few 12-string high-end guitars that are ideal not only for beginners but for professionals as well. The best thing about them is they can hold the tune even after a couple of hours of sustained playing, which is not possible with most 12-string guitars.

12 String Acoustic Electric Guitar – Best Oscar Schmidt Guitar under $200

12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This guitar comes with a mahogany back and front. It is great for all those musicians who are more into generating soft and mellow sound without sacrificing the sturdiness.

Before we reveal its sound, we would like to talk a bit more about its body and neck, because it is the premium feature of this guitar the way it is designed. Moreover, it affects its overall sound too. The neck of this guitar not only enhances the handling of this instrument but also improves the sound quality. Moreover, you have easy access to frets and comfortable playing.

Though people don’t recommend 12-string for beginners, we will suggest it. The reason is, you can not ask for at this price, it is really impressive and challenges the professional-level $500 guitars.

After assessing its sound quality too, we call it a lot better than good. If you buy this instrument and practice your skills on it, consider yourself lucky you found it.


  • It is a grand tool for the price.
  • The craftsmanship of this Oscar Schmidt 12 String Guitar is excellent.
  • Its nut is precisely cut for the strings.
  • You don’t have to tune it over and over again.


  • The packaging isn’t so special; it is flimsy.


Oscar Schmidt 12 String Acoustic/Electric Guitar – Best Oscar Schmidt Guitar under $300

Acoustic Electric Guitar

This 12 string guitar tries to offer something new to the musicians.

It has a tried and tested design but the thing that makes it unique is its neck. It is inspired by the cutaway solid body style. That’s why you can expect it to be great in the playability department.

You would have low expectations considering its wallet-friendly price. But its general tone is much more acceptable. We agree it lacks a little complexity which 12 string guitars or elite and expensive company offers, but it can be forgiven for that.

Its 12 strings produce very clear and articulate clean tones. The more you play it, the better you understand what kind of tonal punches it is holding.

For instance, you can play the country and show off your skill in classic rock too. The diversity in its sound is so amazing; it complements almost every genre.

This guitar from Oscar Schmidt is almost like a previous OD312CE model; the only key difference is it doesn’t have an active digital tuner.


  • It has very crisp and clean tones.
  • Its overall sound can impress even the experienced players.
  • It has a tech wood fingerboard and bridge.
  • It has mahogany sides and back.


  • It lacks some complexity feel of a 12-string.


Oscar Schmidt OD312 Natural 12-String Dreadnought Guitar – Top Easiest Playing 12 Strings

12-String Dreadnought Guitar

It is easy to play 12 string, beautiful sounding guitar.

The fit and finish is spot on! The manufacturers of Oscar Schmidt have used very good quality spruce and gave it a mahogany side and back. To make it more attractive, they have given this guitar a high-gloss finish which gives a very posh look.

It has fully adjustable truss and chrome die-cast tuners. Plus, the frets are fine right out of the box; you don’t have to adjust them at all; they play beautifully.

The sound quality of this 12-string guitar is also full of added clarity. Though it is a Mahogany piece when it comes to the sound, it has a bite of Maple.

On the whole, from built to construction, sound to packaging, everything is perfect.


  • The neck of this 12-string model is a little wider.
  • The packaging is also brilliant.
  • The strings are close to the fret.
  • You won’t find any buzz notes in it.


  • It is hard to find any drawback in this product.



These Oscar Schmidt 12-String Guitars are a fabulous BARGAIN!!! If they can impress at this budget price, why pay any more for other brands?

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