How To Wear A Guitar Strap for Comfort and Performance

You can play guitar while sitting down, however, it is not ideal for performance. Especially on the stage, it is imperative to stand up to increase your overall presence. And, it is not possible if you aren’t wearing a guitar strap.

If you want to rock out like the famous guitarists(Read: List of guitarists), you need to wear a guitar right strap. It allows you to play your guitar to the best of your abilities.

How To Wear A Guitar Strap

What Is A Guitar Strap?

A ‘Guitar Strap’ is a strap that you attach to your guitar. It is a useful and immensely important accessory that ensures your guitar stays securely in place. The two ends of the straps connect to the top and bottom of the body so that it can be slung over your shoulder.

This strap has many benefits.

  • It adds a decorative element to your gear.
  • You can play the guitar while standing up without any issues.
  • It alleviates stress on your arm and shoulder muscles.
  • It keeps your guitar locked in the correct position.
  • You have absolute control over your instrument.
  • The guitar is in your grasp always.
  • No need to position your body awkwardly.
  • You utterly focus on the task at hand.

But to have all these benefits, you must consider a few things before buying a guitar strap, such as material, length, and style. All these components determine your comfort and control over the guitar.

How To Wear A Guitar Strap

Wearing a guitar strap is a straightforward process.

You put the pinhole of one end of the strap at the top horn or close to the base of the neck (depends on the model) and put the other end of the strap at the lower bout.

That’s it. It doesn’t matter which end of the strap goes on which end of your guitar if it is not specifically mentioned in the description of the strap. Once you attach both ends of the strap, the only thing you need to do is ‘ADJUSTMENT’.

Adjusting the strap is the most important step. You can either keep your guitar strap high or low. It is up to your preference. Both adjustments have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Having your guitar strap high means you have the advantage to play all the notes on the fretboard effortlessly because you don’t have to bend to reach the strings. In the long run, it prevents back pain. Besides, you don’t have to bend your wrists too.

Having your guitar strap low is mostly associated with the style. It doesn’t have any specific advantage which we can mention here, however, there are some drawbacks like you will not be able to play every note on the fretboard comfortable.

Apart from this, this adjustment isn’t good for your back and wrist either. Playing guitar in this adjustment will make you suffer unnecessary pain… So, choose this adjustment only if you are comfortable with it.

Guitar Strap Features

There is a total of 4 key features to observe before buying the strap.


Ensure the strap you are buying has an adjustable feature. It should be adjusted between 40-60 inches. Having this adjustability ratio in the length let you experiment with different heights. You can decide whether you like your guitar hanging or high.


With length, you need to think about the width too. There isn’t any specific ratio which we can give here. When it comes to width, comfort sets the tone for you.

The only rule you need to remember is the wider width means the weight of the instrument will be distributed evenly. But for some people, the wider strap makes it tough to move also.

Locking Mechanism

It is always smart to invest in a strap that comes with a great locking mechanism. If a strap won’t have a good locking mechanism, you can’t wear it comfortably, and it can slip off when you are in the middle of your solo.


The material used to make the guitar strap is probably the most important feature. It decides the durability, comfort, and price. The most common guitar straps material is nylon, cotton, neoprene and guitar straps leather. All of them are great and long-lasting.


If you have a one-pin acoustic guitar, you can buy the gully-hook or strap-lock separately. They are installed on the other end of the guitar for the hook. It is a bit complicated to do that if it is your first time and if you don’t have the right tools.

Take your guitar to the music store instead, as they often have the equipment to install the hook. In the end, the guitar strap topic is all about personal preference; you can wear it in every way possible. There isn’t any limitation. You can even buy it just to look cool.

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