How to Clean Vinyl Records with Windex: Three Simple Steps

If you have vinyl records at home, it is essential to keep them clean and fresh. The fact is that these records can get dirt, debris, and dust. These factors can reduce their sound quality as well as permanently damage them.

To retain the quality of your records, you need to know how to clean them with Windex. This way is the simplest method you can do. It is not difficult to see Windex in your home, right?

On the other hand, you can also use different cleaning agents if you do not have Windex at home. Now, follow our tips below to learn more about this topic.

How to Clean Vinyl Records with Windex

What You Should Prepare

First, you have to prepare all of the essential materials in cleaning your vinyl records. You should not ignore this vital step if you want to get a smooth cleaning process without any hassles.

Windex Cleaning Materials

If you like the Windex cleaning procedure, here are some essential items you need to prepare:

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: You have to use microfiber cloth since it will not damage your vinyl records. Keep in mind your records are super sensitive. Therefore, it is best to use the gentlest cloths.
  • Soft–Bristle Brush: you will sometimes need to use a soft-bristle brush in cases you cannot take the dirt away from the grooves.
  • Warm Water: You need a warm cup of water. The water should not too cold or too hot.
  • Windex: Prepare your Windex agent.

Soap And Water Materials

Here are some soap and water materials you need to prepare:

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: As mentioned earlier, you can wipe off any dirt on the records by using a microfiber cloth to remove any dust. The microfiber cloth is soft. Therefore, it can protect your vinyl records.
  • Warm Water: Warm water is also necessary for you since it is more effective in cleaning your vinyl records. Avoid using too cold or too hot water because they are not effective in cleaning.
  • Soap: Choose any dishwashing soap. You should use mild dishwashing soap because you are using cleaning vinyl records. You have to handle something gently.
  • Basin: You will also need a basin. You can use it to contain your cleaning solutions.

Vinyl Cleaning Myths

Now, we will let you know some common myths that may harm your records as below:

Isopropyl Alcohol

First, despite some contentious debate, it is essential to avoid any cleaner with pure isopropyl alcohol. It is a great way to use alcohol to eliminate a lot of the stuck-on dirt and gunk on various items like a vinyl record. The fact is that it will not clean so thoroughly. Alcohol is so potent stripping away the protection of the coat.

Commercial Cleaning Items

Many commercial cleaner products are not ideal for cleaning records, such as Windex, Borax, or Comet. They usually offer harsh chemicals that may damage the protective coating of your records.

Moreover, they contain additives. It means you can get the horrendous residue. Therefore, if you use cheap Windex, it cannot be suitable for cleaning your vinyl records. The fact is that it can destroy your records after you use them repeatedly.

Of course, you cannot see notice the damage after the first use. However, you can notice permanent problems after a few cleaning sessions.

Tap Water

Tap water can damage your vinyl records since it containing impurities as fluoride and chlorine. It can also damage the record labels.

A Solution That Works

You should use a record cleaning machine. However, this method is not suitable for those with a tight budget. These models are often expensive. Therefore, you need to choose a solution that works for you. Also, make sure it will not break your budget.

How To Clean Vinyl Records With Windex

It is a vital step to know how to clean vinyl records with Windex. The reason is that this task is related to a harsher cleaning solution in comparison to using warm water and soap.

Windex is a tougher cleaning solution, but it is effective to use as long as done correctly. Here are the steps to start:

  1. Clean Your Vinyl Records

First, you need to prepare your vinyl records. Next, use a microfiber cloth and start to clean the records, especially on the grooves. Remember to wipe your vinyl records gently. Otherwise, your records may get scratches.

  1. Spray The Windex

You should spray the Windex a little on your records since it is harsher compared to just water and soap. You just need a few sprays, and they will do when spreading the solution.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the records until the Windex dries up. Remember to do this gently. At the same time, you do not forget to check for any dirt or debris. If it is hard to eliminate the dirt, consider using a soft-bristle brush.

  1. Wipe With Warm Water

If you get satisfaction, you can proceed to wipe the record once more time. However, you will use warm water for this time. Apply a little bit of warm water on your records. Then, wipe the record until they become polished. This step is to make sure there will be no residue from the Windex left on your records.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use a glass cleaner on vinyl records?

Like being said that, most commercial cleaners are not suitable for cleaning records. They contain harsh chemicals. Therefore, they can damage the protective coating of your records. Moreover, they can also damage the paper labels. Besides, they have additives as well. It means they can leave a horrendous residue.

  1. Can you clean vinyl records with vinegar?

It is best to clean vinyl records with vinegar. We can find 95% water and 5% acetic acid in vinegar. Therefore, it is ideal for cleaning your records. Sure, you will get an excellent result after using vinegar for your cleaning.

  1. Can I clean vinyl records with alcohol?

You need to make a mixture of 3/4 distilled water and 1/4 of 96-99% isopropyl alcohol. Also, add more one or two drops of rinse agent to the mix. You also should add them to a spray bottle. Do not forget to shake the mixture well.

Then, put the record on a microfiber cloth. When spraying it on the records, make sure the solution will not get on the label.

  1. Will rubbing alcohol damage vinyl?

You just should rub alcohol in a small area. Avoid using alcohol as an overall cleaner. You also have to avoid applying it directly to your vinyl records. Otherwise, it can damage the vinyl record.

You just should use a small amount of alcohol to a cotton towel. Then, rub the stain gently until it becomes disappeared.


If you give your vinyl records the proper care and maintenance, they can last for a long time. Therefore, it is vital to clean the vinyl cords properly. We have given you some of the easiest ways you can consider when cleaning vinyl records with Windex as well as other cleaning solutions at home. Hopefully, they are helpful to you.


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