How Much Are Guitar Strings? Guitar Strings Cost

How much are guitar strings? Most beginner guitar players feel overwhelming when it comes to buying the guitar strings, as they don’t comprehend what’s the actual cost of them and how to choose the right strings for their guitar and playing style.

How Much Are Guitar Strings

We know, it is tough to narrow down choices with different kinds of strings and perceive the true cost and value of them. Especially, for a beginner guitarist, it is next to impossible. Since when we look at the huge guitar strings assortment, we realize that there is a lot to consider; you can’t just go and pick any string even if it has the best quality and produces the top-rated sound.

How Much Are Guitar Strings? – Buying Guitar Strings At The Best Price

The first rule you need to remember is to buy strings according to your level.

This is the correct way to estimate the price of strings.

Next, determine what kind of guitar you have. Is it classical, acoustic, or electric? Acoustic and electric guitars typically use metal strings, whereas the classical guitars rely more on nylon ones as they are easy on the hands and have a softer sound.

After determining these things, you can choose the strings that match your budget and skill level.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a classical or electric guitar, just expect to pay between $5 and $30. You can have good guitar strings within this price range.

Let us give you some examples.

The Ernie Ball Earthwood Light Guitar Strings cost only $5. These strings are tempered tin plated high carbon steel and suitable for acoustic guitar set. If you have an acoustic guitar, you can count on them. They are economical but provide the best value. Famous musicians like Jimmy Page, Slash, and Joe Bonamassa have already used them.

Players who are interested in electric guitars can get D’Addario Nickel Wound Strings.

The 3-pack of these strings cost $18. They are ideal for the widest variety of guitars. The thing you’d love the most about them is they have a distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation.

Lastly, for the acoustic guitar owners, D’Addario Nylon Strings are the best. You can experience a balance of volume and a warm, full-bodied tone. The D’Addario manufacturers charge only $8.36 for them which should be rather economical for the acoustic guitar players.

Can The Construction Material Affect Price?

Yes, It can.

Beginners probably don’t ponder a lot about the construction material, however for the professional guitar players, the material of the strings matter.

Since they have to perform on the stage.

The ‘Titanium’ string material is quite famous among musicians. It is used in the music studio too. Musicians who are more into Rock and Hard Metal trust this construction material quality as it produces a pretty bright tone with excellent strength.

Similarly, The ‘Pure Nickel’ or ‘Nickel-Plated Steel’ are also popular. Both of them have balanced brightness and warmth with more attacks.

Though compared to the Nickel-Plated model, the Pure Nickel steel has less brightness in sound, but it possesses the same warmth in its tone. Therefore, it is often chosen by classical guitar players too.

All these string materials are available under $30.

The last piece of advice we would like to give in this section is don’t pay less than $5. Some models are available in the market but they are low-end and good for nothing. They will in fact quickly detune or even break while playing.

Which Is The Best Guitar String?

As we have mentioned earlier, it is up to you decide

You have to study which string set goes with your guitar. Once you determine that, it becomes easy to choose the material and ponder about the price.

There is one notion we would like to mention here.

Some people think buying inexpensive and cheap string is better because they can change them regularly and understand how the tonality changes among them. You can do that if this strategy suits your budget but we can’t openly support it.

The low-end, cheap guitar strings don’t have any tone quality. There isn’t anything to understand. In fact, playing with bad tones will damage your skills. You will be jumping from one bad tone to another rather than perceiving what high-end guitar tone sounds like.

It is better to invest in a good-quality string and change it less often.


If you are still concerned about the price and the quality of the strings, look at the manufacturer’s website or the description on the product page. There is plenty of information, plus you can also read customers’ reviews; they will assist you in comprehend whether the price of the string justifies the quality of the material… You will be able to make an informed decision.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have $30, you can have the best guitar strings. Price on the internet and in the store is roughly the same.

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