Top 3 Best Good Beginning Acoustic Guitars of 2020

Finding a good beginning acoustic guitar isn’t an easier task. All of us want to pick the best and jump right in with the $3,000 top of the top model. However, this isn’t the right way.

You need to have a training guitar that is designed to give you exciting challenges and teach you some key skills that can transform you into a better guitar player.

Good Beginning Acoustic Guitars Reviews

Below are some exceptional beginning acoustic guitars that are promoted by amazingly talented guitar player students. They are a great way to start on your journey to musical perfection.

Yamaha Fg830 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Fg830 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

This guitar takes the entry-level tag and has all the professional-level features. Though it is an entry-level guitar it has a grand concert body type that is a breeze to play.

You have more brightness in the sound as you pick the volume harder and mellow touch if you are interested in jamming sessions.

When we break the features of Yamaha Fg830 into pros and cons, we discover that it is an outstanding bargain if you work on it a bit.

For instance, the frets are perfectly crowned and have a good level, but they are a little bit rough on the top. This issue is easily fixable and you can do it too if you have technical knowledge about guitars. Otherwise, any music store owner would love to do that for you.

Once you set it up, the tones go from nice to beautiful and singing and you feel it.

We aren’t saying this issue will be presented in every Yamaha Fg830 model; the guitar which we checked has this issue and fortunately, it was corrected within a minute.


  • This guitar is for both hobbyists and pro.
  • It has a wonderful bound neck and great machine heads.
  • It has an adjustable truss rod.
  • In low to mid-ranges, it has a beautiful and strong sound.


  • The saddle and bridge pins are made of plastic.


Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar

Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar

We believe Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar is one of the best models for learning to play guitar.

While the price tag may seem a little bit higher for a beginner model, this model has everything that will assist you in playing it for years. It is well crafted and has the prestigious Fender name. Therefore, you can trust it and polish your skills in it.

There are many beginner guitars at several high price points, however, when it comes to the mid-range tones and solid bass notes, the Fender FA-115 challenges them.

It will take a while to get comfortable with it. But once your fingers are fixed on its strings and you start understanding its notes, you fall in love with it and have a great time learning.

One minor complaint we have in this model is it goes out of tune quickly. It becomes necessary to tune it again and again, more than other models.

This happens due to the stretchy nature of the strings. Though it shouldn’t be the reason to avoid it, particularly if you have a music store near your home, you won’t have any trouble turning it on your own either.


  • It has a very gorgeous look.
  • You receive the hard case in the bundle.
  • It has a hardwood bridge with a compensated saddle.
  • It has a deep body for superior low-end projection.


  • It goes out of tune fast due to the stretchiness in the stings.


Fender Squier Full-Size Acoustic Guitar

Fender Squier Full-Size Acoustic Guitar

Want to test the waters of guitar playing? Get Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar.

It is quite big and has all the features of your next-level skills. For example, it has a fuller acoustic sound which you find in the expensive acoustic guitars only, created for professional musicians. The only drawback we find in the Fender Squier is the bulkiness. It can be bulky for beginner guitarists with smaller frames.

With some constant practice, the bulkiness won’t stay as an issue. You will indeed start relishing its features and full-size structure.

This model features x-bracing and mahogany neck that gives it a full-bodied dreadnought tone. If you have checked the tones of other guitars, you will find the tone in this one rather different. It will be more beautiful, bright, and fuller.

Apart from this, the Fender Squier is quite durable. It can stand up to everyday use. It is all laminate construction that takes all the abuse and doesn’t get any kind of special damage in the long run.

For that reason, we highly recommend it to the beginners; they can practice their skill as many times as they want on it and use it for stage performances as well.


  • It has a dark-stained maple fingerboard.
  • This instrument looks as good as it sounds.
  • It has a ‘Fender Play’ app; it helps you to play your first song in minutes.
  • Their bundle also comes with a hard case.


  • It can feel bulky due to its full-size.


Good Beginning Acoustic Guitars – FAQs

We have compiled a list of the 5 very commonly asked questions about good beginning acoustic guitars. If you also have some specific questions, don’t forget to send us a message. We will try our best to reply within a day and answer you thoroughly.

Is it necessary to set up an acoustic guitar before playing?

No, it is not always necessary. Some models require tuning but this isn’t always the case. Most acoustic guitars play and sound at their best.

How much do they charge for the tuning?

It depends on the area you are living in. Generally, it costs somewhere between $30 and $60. According to many guitar manufacturing companies, it is good to tune your guitar 3-4 times in a year. It keeps its strings and other components in good condition.

Is there any difference between standard size guitar and full-size guitar?

It doesn’t matter what the company says, we believe there is a difference in sound and notes between both models. The sound of the full-size guitar is richer and brighter and it fills the room also. Even in the mid-range tones, a full-size guitar performs well.

Are nylon strings good?

Nylon strings are good and can do well in the acoustic category. But it doesn’t mean steel strings aren’t good for nothing. The only difference between both strings is nylon strings are easier to play and they exert less force on the body.

Can we buy an acoustic guitar for a teenager?

You can buy it for teenagers and children also. Just make sure the guitar you are buying has a smaller body; this will make it viable for the young players.

Good Beginning Acoustic Guitars – Things To Know

Ready to buy an acoustic guitar? There are a few important things you must know…

Understand The Action

When we talk about action, it means the distance between the strings and the fretboard. It plays a significant role in acoustic guitars because if there is an extra distance, it will be hard for you to press down the strings.

Especially for a beginner, it can be really difficult. On the other hand, if the distance is too short, the strings will create the buzz sound.

Choose The Right Body Type

Body types can baffle you if it is your first time with an acoustic guitar. For adults who are serious about polishing their guitar playing skills, a dreadnought body is suitable. It has a fuller sound and it complements all music genres.

However, for children and teenagers who just want to learn guitar, parlor, classical, or jumbo body type is a great option. These body types will prepare them and teach them regarding different notes.

Get The Right String Type

In almost all types of guitars, you will mainly find two types of strings – steel strings and nylon strings. Both of them have their unique properties. Steel strings dominate the tones better than the nylon strings. The only issue is they are harder to press. But nylon strings are great for mellow and mid-range tones and they are easier on the hands.

Buy The Kit

If some guitar is available with a kit, it is a great deal. Especially guitar from known companies like Fender comes with the whole bundle.

They come with a hard case; you don’t have to buy it separately or spend extra money on it. Besides, some guitar companies give you a play app subscription too; you can use that app to study guitar skills.


Is it good to buy an expensive beginning acoustic guitar?

The best advice we can give you is to look at your aspirations and enthusiasm. If you want to take your skills to the next level, avoid the entry-level budget model. All the above guitars on our list are good for beginners and have all the features that will support your passion for learning.

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