Cleaning Vinyl Records with Vinegar: Tips You Can’t Ignore

Today, we will discuss the way to keep the vinyl record cleaner. Nowadays, vinyl records have become an antique rarity. Many music players love vinyl. However, it is a very fragile material. Thus, it is essential to give your vinyl records proper storage and cleaning for their efficiency.

You have to eliminate dust before listening. Most importantly, you have to know about cleaning vinyl records without using cleaning products, alcohols, solvents, colognes, shampoos, as well as a toilet soap. Keep reading this article to learn about cleaning vinyl records with vinegar.

Cleaning Vinyl Records with Vinegar

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Why Should You Use Vinegar?

Well, vinegar is an excellent natural cleanser. It is efficient. Moreover, a homemade vinegar solution is safe for you to breathe since it does not contain toxic. Another reason is its affordable price.

It contains 5% acidic acid and 95% water. Moreover, the solution is well-known for its antibacterial properties. It can remove up to 99.9% harmful bacteria.

Nowadays, people commonly use this solution for cleaning glasses, vinyl floors, bathrooms, fences, and siding. Although vinegar is suitable for cleaning your vinyl records, you still should give your records some care and caution.

Clean Vinyl Records with Vinegar

Static electricity is one of the main causes of dust and dirt built on a vinyl record. To get rid of static, you need to moisten the vinyl surface regularly. Therefore, if you want to get rid of issues that cause the disc in disrepair, you need to decrease the accumulation of stuck dirt and dust in the grooves.

There are several methods to moisten the vinyl. You can use a non- fibrous tampon that is soaked in warm water. Also, you can use a velvet ribbon for this.

You can also use vinegar. It is suitable for cleaning. Therefore, it is a good recommendation for all vinyl lovers. You can use a mixture of water and vinegar or a small amount of dish soap.

The only downside of vinegar is that it contains acidic. It will be a problem if you are living in a climate with a mold. The vinegar can contribute to this growth. You should not use natural vinegar. Also, remember to use a clean cloth to clean your vinyl records.

Vinyl Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips you should know during the cleaning process. If you are a beginner to vinyl records, you should follow our tips below:

  • One of the effective ways to clean records is to use a carbon fiber brush before playing one.
  • If you are finding excellent acoustic clarity, consider high-quality record cleaning systems.
  • You should not use tap water when cleaning. Also, avoid using only distilled water.
  • Before cleaning your vinyl records, you need to remove dirt from the surface first.
  • Make sure you use the lint-free cloth.
  • Clean your record gently.
  • Cleaning your damaged record cannot repair it.
  • Avoid using rubbing alcohol to clean your records since it can damage your records.

Vinyl Cleaning Products

If you need to maintain a lot of records, you should buy a carbon fiber brush. This brush is the safest way to eliminate dust from your records. When using a brush to clean your records, let it gently glide across the surface of your records. You also should not use it to scrub the record.

Most record cleaning kits include a carbon fiber brush, as well as some types of cleaning spray. They are to dissolve dust and dirt gently.  It is easy to find these kits online, with a price range from $20-50.

These kits are better options compared to soap and water since they are made especially for vinyl cleaning. On the contrary, some types of dish soap may contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, if you are a beginner, buy an all-in-one kit for vinyl cleaning.

Properly Storing Vinyl

While keeping your vinyl records clean is an important task, it is also essential to store them properly. You should keep your vinyl records in a dry and cool place. Also, you should stack them vertically.

Avoid lay them flat or stack them on top of each other. Otherwise, it can make your record warp over time. To protect your records, you also should use plastic sleeves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Vinyl Records with Vinegar

  1. What is in record cleaning solution?

The ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, as well as a couple of drops of laundry detergent free. All you need is to add the ingredients to a spray bottle. Then, shake the ingredients well. You can spray the fluid on your record when cleaning the vinyl. Remember to avoid spraying the label.

  1. Is vinegar safe on vinyl?

Vinegar works well for vinyl records. The reason is that it will not leave behind a residue like most other types of soap and cleaners do.

  1. Is it safe to mix vinegar and dawn dish soap?

Well, you should mix them since they will cancel each other out. Therefore, you should use one or the other. Never combine them once.


Nowadays, vinyl records have been used quite actively. However, they are famous for a propensity for attracting dust. Therefore, it is vital to clean them regularly. Keeping your vinyl records clean is just as necessary as having a piece of good equipment. Make sure you handle them properly. Moreover, you also need to give your records a bit of care. We have outlined some tips for cleaning vinyl records. Hopefully, they can help you.

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