Top 4 Best Wide Necked Acoustic Guitars of 2020

A wide neck guitar is a beautiful instrument with some additional benefits. It is capable of producing all sorts of different tones and let you practice many unique techniques that are an important part of your musical journey.

Top 4 Best Wide-Necked Acoustic Guitars of 2019

If you want to push the boundaries of your knowledge about the music and emerge as a true guitar love, buy a wide-neck acoustic guitar. When we talk about the guitar’s neck width, it means ‘Nut Width’ or ‘Neck Width’. The most common nut widths of an acoustic guitar are around 48 mm.

This is good for larger hands or thicker fingers since they can’t play the guitar at the higher tempos if there is no string space. Wider neck with good string spacing helps them in good finger placement and testing different movements and techniques like ‘Fingerpicking’.

To pick the best wide neck acoustic guitar, ponder the features below. They will help you in your decision as to which size you want to go with.

Wide Necked Acoustic Guitars – Buying Guide

Width, Depth, and Shape

The neck is not only about the width, but it is also about depth and shape too.

48mm is a good width for a wide-neck model, but thick fingers can work on 44mm also. Don’t opt for a 43mm width even if it is defined as a wide-neck. 43mm guitar neck can’t be considered wide neck and it is suited for the narrow fingers only. The neck shape and depth also plays an important role in the music.

The c-shaped neck is the most common. It works brilliantly for most playing styles. In case you have large hands, you should look for a u-shaped neck profile instead. It lets you rest your thumb on the side or back of the neck and gives a comfortable playing experience.

The Tonewood

The tonewood determines the sounds of your guitar.

For example, in case you are a fingerstyle player, you will need a wood that responds well to delicate playings, such as Spruce or Cedar. Spruce has lightweight characteristics and produces natural high-velocity sounds, whereas the cedar is famous for is a balanced warm tone.

There are some other tonewoods as well like Mahogany, Maple, and Rosewood. All of them have their distinct characteristics and characterized by different strength and complexity. You need to search for them to know which suits your taste the most.

Assess Your Budget

The wide-neck acoustic guitars can be very expensive.

Before you check our list of the best wide-neck guitars or look into the differences between them, first decide how much you are willing to pay at most.

Remember, if you are a beginner, brand names aren’t important. Never challenge your pockets for the brand name especially if you are in the learning stage.

All you need is to ensure that the guitar is in great condition and it offers a good and comfortable playability. This is more than enough to decide which wide-neck acoustic guitar you should buy.

Top 4 Best Wide Necked Acoustic Guitars

Here are the top 4 wide neck acoustic guitars in the market. They all assist in learning modern, contemporary music. If you are starting and don’t want to burn the holes in your pocket, you can trust them. They are rare, professional, and give you the best playing experience.

Classical Full-Size Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar

Classical Full-Size Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar has a nice, rich and bright tone often associated with classical guitars. Though it is not as loud as it is often expected from dreadnought, it still gives full sound experience.

The actions of the strings in this version are adequate, and with a wider neck, they are good for the healthy fingers too. For that reason, guitarists who like fingerstyle playing fall in love with it.

It is quite well-made but costs only $59. This is a great bargain as you can get one of the best sounding devices at an unmatched price. We don’t think it is possible to find a better guitar anywhere near this price range.


  • It feels like a quality instrument and sounds amazing.
  • It is excellent for beginners and advanced students.
  • Its sides are crafted with elegant basswood.
  • It is great for fingerstyle playing.
  • It has a nice, bright tone like a classical guitar.


  • The string quality isn’t exceptional.


3/4 Size Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar

3/4 Size Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for a wide-neck guitar that works with you and not against you, get this Spanish style guitar from Valencia.

This guitar’s body is designed to make you feel comfortable while playing. Valencia has used elegant basswood on the back and the sides that results in an exceptional tone and sound quality.

Particularly, the tone of this model is described as a complete tonal teamwork. In general, it is a great buy for any learner. The top 3 nylon strings and the bottom 3 steel strings are the sign of its superior craftsmanship. They let the players play with a variety of tonal range and sound variations.


  • It is great in terms of tonal range.
  • It hits on all cylinders when it comes to tonal quality.
  • It has a beautiful Spanish styling touch.
  • It is a great buy for all beginners and advanced students.
  • It has an Upgraded spruce top for improved sound.


  • It takes some time to tune it.


Seagull Original New Wide-Neck Acoustic Guitar

Seagull Original New Wide-Neck Acoustic Guitar

It is quite an impressive instrument.

The overall construction is beautiful. The Seagull has included a bolder look on its neck, sides, and back and revamped it without compromising its classic appeal.

When it comes to tones and the versatility of the sound, it holds them very well as advertised. Most Seagull guitars have a very beefy tone, but fortunately, this isn’t the case with this one.

It is the prettiest sounding device that makes people stop in their tracks. Its tonal quality has a lot of basses and great resonance which is easily comparable to any high brand model like Taylor.

The only downside we found in this guitar is it doesn’t produce the dark sound very well. It is best suited for open-chorded music. In case you are into producing dark sound, you need to look for some other option.


  • Its sound is bright and sounds very much like an expensive guitar.
  • It is made of a solid cedar top.
  • It has a silver leaf wide maple neck.
  • It has a custom polished semi-gloss finish.
  • The tonal quality of this guitar has a lot of basses.


  • It is not good for producing dark, drowning sound.


Seagull Mosaic Acoustic Wide-Neck Guitar

Seagull Mosaic Acoustic Wide-Neck Guitar

Last but not least good wide-neck acoustic guitar on our list is again from The Seagull. It is a reasonable price beauty; worth every penny.

First, the sound quality is better than expected. It immediately makes its presence felt. Second, it is best for mid-range sounds, however, you can use it for both high and mellow music.

The tone and the resonance will always be right there where it needs to be; it won’t go out of its limit. The new rosewood bridge design in this guitar also assists in easy-going music.

You can play folk, acoustic pop, and R&B on it comfortably, but you won’t get the best results with the country or rock music, as they often demand too high tonal quality.


  • It is great for mid-range tones.
  • It has a rosewood fingerboard.
  • It has a slightly larger string spacing; perfect for fingerstyle playing.
  • It is designed with all solid wood.
  • No adjustments are required.


  • It doesn’t fulfill the high tonal quality requirement.


Best Wide Neck Acoustic Guitars – FAQs

And we are back with another set of popular questions beginner guitarists ask. In this section, we will focus our attention on some of our favorite, interesting questions.

Am I too old/young to practice on the wide neck acoustic guitar?

The wide neck feature has no connection with the age or experience. Its only purpose is to provide string spacing to facilitate easy access to each string. Therefore, the wide neck models are indeed more beginner-friendly compared to thinner neck guitars.

How to assess the sound quality of an acoustic guitar?

The sound quality can be assessed in a few ways. First, when played loudly, is the sound projection clear? Similarly, check the strength of the sound on soft tones. Testing these two levels will reveal the true strength of the guitar.

Why do the acoustic guitars range in price and value so much?

Many factors determine the range in price and value of an acoustic guitar.

  • The quality of the hardware.
  • The quality of electronics.
  • The quality of construction.

Apart from this, the attention to details also become a deciding factor. For example, even the finish on the frets or the string spacing can change the whole value of the instrument.

What if the guitar doesn’t have a wide neck?

Many professional musicians use thin neck guitars also. With thin neck guitars, you have to play the strings with your fingertips. But, due to string spacing, fitting two fingers in the fretboard can be challenging.

On the other hand, with a wide-neck guitar, you don’t have to deal with these issues… You can use the whole finger instead of fingertips only. That’s why wide-neck models are great for fingerstyle playing.

Can we use ‘Capo’ in a wide neck acoustic guitar?

Capo is a very useful tool and can be used with any guitar. The main purpose of the capo is to raise the pitch of all strings, which is useful to match the singer’s voice.


Do you need a wide-neck acoustic guitar, as a beginner? Yes, wide neck acoustic guitars are perfect for beginners. Since their wide neck feature makes it easier for them to learn and try different chords.

Furthermore, the wider neck gives a distinct advantage when it comes to the fingerpicking style. Because of the wider width at nut and string spacing, students can quickly learn this technique on it.

Even the professional guitarists use acoustic wider neck guitars for showing their fingerstyle playing skills. It makes it easy for them to pluck the strings directly and quickly, again and again.

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