5 Best Turntables under 200 Dollars: Reviews & Buying Guide

It is always the right decision to look for an affordable product. We cannot deny the fact that a small difference in price offers a whole array of upgrades in most situations. It is the same for turntables. Many turntable $100 models are available on the market.

However, you will get much better performance and overall user experience when coming to a $200 model. Today, we will list here the top five best turntables under 200 dollars. Keep reading this site to get more reviews of each.

Best Turntables under 200 Dollars

Top Five Best Turntables under 200 Dollars Reviews

Audio Technica AT-LP60NV-BT

This brand has done well to make a product operating well whether or not you take benefits from its primary feature. This feature is the Bluetooth pairing. When it comes to the best turntables under $200, we cannot ignore this unit.

It offers you a pretty good sound for this price. Also, this brand has done a good job of cramming some decent internals. This model is suitable for those who are looking for a device combining solid audio with some flashy extras.


  • Excellent build quality
  • An elegant design
  • Bluetooth operates well


  • Hard to manage the pairing process


Numark PT-01

This product is an affordable and portable tool. It is suitable for DJs as well as artists. Moreover, it also features great performance.

The Numark PT-01 is going to has a pretty divisive design. Sure, you will love this pretty flashy turntable. It can plug into a wall outlet with an AC adapter. Also, it has an adjustable scratch switch.

This one is suitable for both a lefty and a righty since you can adjust the scratch switch to your requirements. Moreover, there is also a hard case to keep the device safe during any traveling.


  • Excellent value for such a unique model
  • Easy to use thanks to the adjustable scratch dial
  • Lightweight and designed to travel


  • Its design does not appeal to everyone

Gemini TT-1100

This brand has been around for years. The Gemini TT-1100 is a compact and durable product. It comes with a gorgeous aluminum platter. Also, it is suitable for new DJs and enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a visual design screaming DJ with a volume, consider this model. It is built with real life in mind. Moreover, you can also use it with ease, thanks to the soft-touch motor ON/OFF button.

You will get an HD-15 headshell, a felt slipmat, 45 adapter, ground cables, and detachable RCA. Also, it offers you audacity recording software.


  • Comes with the solid aluminum platter
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with built-in USB interface any recording DJ needs


  • May requires some additional setup out of the box

Music Hall USB1

This product is for those who need a decent tone and USB capability. It comes with an adjustable tonearm, a removable cartridge, and an anti-skate system. If you are finding a friendly-budget turntable, you should invest in it.

This model is suitable for ripping old vinyl records to digital formats. Moreover, you can easily use and assemble it without instructions. It comes with a plastic base. Therefore, it is easy to move to a different location.


  • Offers lots of control
  • Great product for the price
  • The rich sound of more expensive units
  • Allows for cartridge replacement thanks to the modular tonearm


  • A plastic base

Denon DP-29F

The DP-29F offers stable turntable rotation. Therefore, it is sure to produce accurate high fidelity playback. Moreover, it is belt driven with a built-in phono preamp.

Besides, the model comes with a killer Denon DSN-82 moving magnet cartridge. Also, there is a super-quiet DS servo motor along with easy switchable speed control. This one is suitable for those who need a strong bang for their buck.


  • A reasonable price
  • Great sound and quality
  • Easy to use and set up


  • The preamp is weak

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Turntables


This factor may be an essential consideration for most people. Today, we are mentioning the best ones under 200, make sure you choose one that does not break your savings.


Besides the price of the product. You may also want to know if it will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Will it support USB channels? As you know, you purchased it cheap would not mean it will operate just right. Therefore, you should check the system first. Also, remember to check the warranty length.

Need for Space

You also have to consider the space the turntable would take. It is a common issue for budget turntables. You may still have to purchase external speakers and other connectors if you want to get the expected volume. Sure, you will want to get a turntable for the budget, and you have enough space for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my headphones instead of speakers?

Yes. However, it requires a specific amplifier since it does not allow you to plug your headphone jack right now. Headphone speakers have better sound quality than stereo receivers. To use your headphones, you just need to plug in the headphone amp before you plug it in the headphones in the jack.

How much should you spend on a turntable?

The range of entry-level turntables is from $100-$700. You should go for ones within the $300-500 range. They offer high durability. These models are for professional DJ work or audio mixing.

If you want one, not for this aim, you can go for a $200-300 turntable or below. Sometimes you need to spend a few bucks for the accessories. It is best to select the most immediate. Also, you can change the headshell if needed. The problem is the price range depends on the product you hope to achieve.

Which turntable drive is better?

It is the operating unit of your turntable. A turntable comes in belt-driven or direct-driven. Belt-drive models use the belt drive attached to the spins and platter. The belt drive offers you the preciseness. Also, you will take less effort to play it.

On the contrary, the direct-drive comes with a platter attached directly to your turntable motor. Therefore, it offers a faster start-up time. Moreover, this unit is known for the consistency of its sound.

Overall, the answer depends on your personal needs. If you go for consistent, as well as precise sound, you should select the belt-drive. However, the direct-drive turntable is suitable for those who concern about durability and long-term playing.


In our opinion, a $200 model can help you to save a lot of money if you are passionate about records. All the products we have just mentioned above are high-quality ones. You should experience any of them to get the best result. Your choice is up to you. However, it is still essential to do as much research as possible because you can learn much.


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