5 Best Turntable Under 100 Dollars: Top Rated Budget 2020

Many music players choose turntables to play their music to get full clarity as well as audio quality. There are many turntables out there. They have quite similar in design as well as features. We are going to discuss some of the best turntable under 100 dollars in this article.

Best Turntable Under 100

Although they are cheap models, they still ensure to provide you with a fantastic listening experience. Keep reading the post to discover our good budget turntables you can choose. Also, check out the post for full reviews of these models.

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Top Five Best Turntables under 100 Reviews

Popsky Vintage

This turntable is a popular model out there. It brings modern features. Moreover, the unit comes with a compact design. You will get a lot of useful features for casually listening at home.

Although this one is not as impressive as some others out there, it is very excellent for hooking up to existing speaker setups. It also offers you an excellent wooden finish that can operate with both modern and retro decor in your house.

Additionally, the product comes with an automatic stop feature. It is a positive feature. Plus, you can also link it to some slightly better-quality speakers to get the best sound possible. Sure, you will get satisfaction from its design and functionality.


  • Can record vinyl as MP3
  • Can convert to audio files
  • Comes in three different speeds
  • Comes with stereo speakers
  • Comes with a dust cover for protection
  • Allows for hooking up to any Bluetooth device thanks to Bluetooth connectivity


  • Struggles with bass frequencies because of the small speakers
  • Speakers are not very loud

Lauson CL502

When it comes to the cheapest turntables on the market, we should not ignore the Lauson CL502. It brings a lot of excellent features you can see in some of the more expensive models.

This product has received some good reviews, especially in terms of the price. This one is a good choice for the money. It is also right for those who want to play their records at moderate volumes.


  • Comes with a power indicator that lets you know the time it is running low
  • Comes with an auto stop switch
  • Has USB compatibility as well as the software
  • Comes with RCA outputs to let you use it with other models
  • Has a dust cover to protect your speaker


  • Not include a lever to control the tonearm
  • Speakers are not loud


ClearClick TT54

Another good product you can get with the price under 100 is the ClearClick TT54. This product will give you the most extended warranties compared to others on our list.

If you are going for a turntable that is compatible with many devices, this one should be an option for you. It allows you to play audio, as well as every format for free music. If you want to get the very best audio, you may have to spend a little extra.


  • Has CD player
  • Allows you to connect devices via aux cord or Bluetooth
  • Comes with a dust cover for the record protection
  • Can convert all the sound sources into MP3
  • Offers a five years warranty


  • Buttons and knobs feel poor quality
  • Sometimes makes a slightly tinny sound

Victrola V50-200

This turntable comes with a quirky design. Also, it offers a lot of functionality. This product got some very good reviews from customers.

If you want to find a turntable with some brilliant high tech features like USB digital encoding, you should consider this one. The model looks great in your home. Moreover, it is suitable for players who focus on the design.


  • Comes in three different speeds
  • Lets you record your vinyl
  • Allows you to turn it into MP3 files
  • Comes with a built-in AM/FM radio
  • Comes with a CD player


  • Speakers seem to be quieter compared to the others on the list
  • It may be hard to tune the radio at times

ION Audio Max LP

This turntable is one of the best-designed models on this list. It comes with a finely crafted curved rubber-footed dust cover. Moreover, it also looks beautiful. The model is also versatile.

It offers you an Aux input jack for your smartphone, a USB port, and RCA output ports on the backside. On the front side of the model, it has a single port nearly hidden away beneath the wood trim. Therefore, you can connect your favorite pair of headphones.

Although the turntable does not come with a fully automatic tonearm, it offers you a lever so that you can lift up and gently place down the stylus. This one is suitable for those who are looking for a compact turntable with a great look.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Looks beautiful


  • A decent amount of unnoticed glue on some of the black plastic parts
  • A little bit issue on quality control

Things to Look for in the Best Budget Turntable

When looking for the best cheap turntable, you need to determine what features you need. Different people will look for different things. Below are some essential features you should consider:

Speaker Power

The speaker’s power of the budget turntable can be various. Some models here have very little power. They are only suitable for listening in the home.

Audio Clarity

It is not easy to measure audio clarity, and it is subjective. You can listen to your turntable by using separate speakers. Therefore, it does not always need to be a make-or-break option.

If you are finding the best turntable under 100, the audio clarity does not compete with the models costing three or four times this. For a casual listener, they can get enough clarity to enjoy their music with a cheaper turntable.

Speeds and Sizes

Different vinyl has different sizes. Also, you need to play it at different speeds. The best cheap record players can deal with all of the popular sizes, as well as play at different speeds so that you can listen to your favorite music.

Bluetooth/Other Connectivity

Many turntables can take Aux inputs. Therefore, they allow you to connect other devices via a cable. Also, they may come with Bluetooth connectivity. It means you can connect via Bluetooth to your phones and other devices.

Portable or Not

There are many options with batteries that you can charge up. Also, you can take your device into the backyard or for campouts. Many models come with a suitcase design. Therefore, you can carry it around as well as play wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about Turntable Under 100

  1. What Should I Remember When Buying a Cheap Record Player?

Cheap record players can still give you the full audio fidelity and features you can get from other more expensive products. Remember that you should not hope to get a full-blown hi-fi system to wow while you just spend $100.

  1. Do Record Players Include Speakers?

Many models at this price range have some sort of speakers. They may be good or not be of high quality. Most of them also allow you to plug into your own speakers as long as you own higher-quality ones at your disposal

  1. Is It Worth Buying a Turntable Under $100?

Many players can advise you to spend a fortune to get a high-quality turntable. However, it is not always true. If you own an old record collection, you can choose a cheap player to listen to again. It will do the job for you.


Although there are not many high-quality audio products under $100, there are some great home models for beginners on this price range. It is not essential to invest much in the earth for a turntable for your home. You just need to take some time to research what features you need and find the best model for you.

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