3 Best Classical Nylon Strings Guitar Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Some people have a different inclination towards guitar tone; they prefer soft, mellow tones more than the bright, rich ones. If you are also one of them, you need a nylon string guitar.


A nylon string guitar has the best all-round strings that do well for classical music. 


It gives great projection and intonation that a player needs to complement his emotions. Particularly, its trebles are very smooth like velvet that assist in giving quick attack response and relishing fingerpicking style

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 Once you have command on them, you make the guitar sing beautifully.


We have spent several hours looking for the best nylon-string guitar options. 


Below are some of the best models that have all the important characteristics that are required to perform professionally on a stage as skilled musicians.


Top 3 Best Nylon Strings Guitar Reviews

Ibanez 6 String Classical Guitar – Best for Beginner Guitars

Ibanez 6 String Classical Guitar

We will start with a favorite among many nylon string guitars.

Ibanez 6-string – It is a great starter guitar. Everyone who practice guitar playing skills on its strings, just instantly fall in love with it.

Why do we like it? Because of many reasons.

Right out of the box, it is tuned, but if you are an experienced player and know about nylon string guitars, you probably need to do quick tuning. This is just a minor flaw we have, and luckily matters for only recordings and stage-level playing experience.

When we were testing this guitar, we were debating about the pros and cons of Yamaha C-Series guitar also as both of them have almost the same features.

But Ibanez has its unique touch which you can’t avoid. Its low action and the mid-range command is superior. Therefore, we don’t think you have to adjust the action in this model at all.

This guitar is also suitable for females and teenagers. It is lightweight and seems like a toy when you hold it, but in overall sound and functionality, it is a beast.


  • It has no fret buzz until you play it very hard.
  • The size is small and suitable for children also.
  • Its action is perfect and works well on mid-range tones.
  • It feels solid and very comfortable in your hands.


  • It may require quick tuning right out of the box.


Strong Wind Nylon String Classical Guitar – Best Guitar Kit for Students Children Adult

Strong Wind Nylon-String Classical Guitar

It is a perfect size for a classical nylon-string. You will enjoy the sound of it if you play in a relaxed manner. We believe it sounds brilliant in the low and mid-range tones. It is hard to beat it in sound quality.

The Strong Wind Company has introduced Smooth Tuning Pegs; they are solid and well made. You can adjust them easily with the tuning head; there won’t be any issue at all.

This guitar also impresses us in terms of its construction and design. It has a quality maple neck that is straight and smooth. Besides, you find the fretboard and bridge above the guitar top.

Especially, the bridge has no open gaps. It is securely glued to the guitar top. They are also about the same height as the fingerboard.

To make it more appealing, we see a nice brown gloss finish on it. It gives a very traditional and classical look. Plus, there are decorative patterns around the soundhole, which are rather new and elevates its presence even more.

It is hard to associate this guitar with some specific body type or age too. Since it is ideal for everyone. From children to experienced players, everyone can reach the strings comfortably and enjoy the full, warm, soft, and rich sound.


  • It is easy to tune it because of its pegs.
  • It comes with a bag.
  • It has solid basswood top backsides.
  • It is easy to play for both beginners and experienced players.


  • It doesn’t offer any additional accessories.


Cutaway Classical Guitar – Perfect sound for Jazz and Classical Music

Cutaway Classical Guitar by Hola! Music

Hola! Music is one of the most notable guitar manufacturers in the industry.

Their Cutaway Classical Guitar has nylon strings with a medium tension. It appears that they also focused on dominating the low and mid-range notes.

But the good thing is if you tune it a little and give higher tension to is nylon string, it will be able to generate a brighter tone and a great amount of volume. In a way, it is safe to say that it is designed for all kinds of music genres.

Again, remember, we recommend adjusting the tension of the string. It is up to you to decide what kind of songs you like the most and adjust the strings according to them.

Once it is tunes and adjusted correctly, it stays in tune for quite a long time. There is no need to struggle with tuners or visit the music store over and over.

It is also necessary to mention that sustainability is great but the low-end response of this guitar is a little better than top-end response. But even the top-end response will impress you and exceed your expectations.


  • The mid-range response of this guitar is truly great.
  • The overall projection of the sound is good.
  • It is small and light but provides big, beautiful melodies.
  • It has mahogany back, sides, and neck.


  • We feel the manufacturers should have given a little more attention to the frets.


Nylon Strings For Guitar – Buying Guide

Need to get some more information before you buy a nylon string guitar? Keep on reading…

Low Price Guitar

Nylon string guitars are often expensive as they are found mostly in the classical category. Though it doesn’t mean you won’t an economic model.

There are some nylon strings economical guitars too. The only issue we find in them is they are factory-made, not handmade. Their sound quality is also good but not better than the handmade models.

Handmade guitars are manufactured by the group of artisans. They care about each detail, like the size, selection of wood, finish, and string quality to develop the best model.

The Right Price

Choosing a nylon string guitar depends a lot on your budget. The simple and professional first advice is to buy the best model you can afford. All the above nylon string guitars on our list have the best features and fortunately, they are easy on the pocket too.

They can be a great beginner guitar for adults as well. They are affordable but they don’t compromise on the construction and sound quality either; they will always produce the best sounding music.

Wood Quality

Different types of wood quality in the nylon string guitar can baffle some people. For beginners, this shouldn’t matter since no wood is inherently superior to the other.

The only reason why they mention the wood quality in the nylon string guitar is every wood has its different tonal character which is required by professional musicians.

For example, if some guitar has a spruce wood quality, it means the wood will assist in producing a brighter and clearer sound. On the other hand, the cedar wood is famous for generating dark, mellow sound.

Best Nylon String Guitar – FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the nylon string guitars.

Are nylon string guitars good for the student-level guitarists?

They are indeed the best for students. Most of the nylon string guitar is classical guitars which are the best and most recommended models for the students. They are well constructed and have solid soundboards that teach the student about the actual sound and music of nylon strings.

Is it significant to look for the action in the nylon string model?

It is significant. Because the action is high in the guitar you are planning to buy, it means it won’t be able to give you the best mellow sound. However, for the bright, rich tone it will be great. We recommend investing in a low action guitar as it is easier to play for beginners.

How to care for a nylon string guitar?

The best thing you can do is to control the humidity level around it. It should be kept at a level of 40-55% humidity. This keeps the strings in good condition and doesn’t let them go out of the tune quickly too.

In case there is fluctuation in humidity in your area, it is possible to get a humidifying device also to regulate the atmosphere around your guitar.

What is the premium feature of all nylon string guitars?

“Low And Mellow Sound” – Nylon string guitars are famous for this. This is the most prominent and premier feature of them.

People who love soft and mellow sound often opt for these models. It also doesn’t require heavy finger work, compared to the steel string models.


The consensus is nylon string guitars provide the best value to serious musicians. Even beginner guitarists should practice their skills on them. The flexibility of the strings will give them easy playability and make them comprehend how the tension in the strings work. So, do yourself a favor and buy any one of them.

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