3 Best Looper Pedal For Live Performance: Top Cheap Boutique Looper Pedal

A looper pedal device lets you record short segments and loops them again and again. Once the segment or the track is in a loop, it allows you to overdub new passages over the first one. However, the real question is, why would you want to loop?

Best Looper Pedal For Live Performance

As a beginner, we want to loop to practice songwriting and guitar solo techniques. The looper pedal helps us to figure out the perfect harmonies to play as we can give it the role of a second guitarist, in a way, and rehearse our tones with efficacy.

Similarly, in songwriting, we can use this device as a great and professional companion. We can easily audition our ideas and overdub every musical tone to assess its quality.

Furthermore, the endless repetition capability of a looper pedal gives us all the power to internalize the parts of the song/music and work on the perfect lyrics.

Best Looper Pedal – Buying Guide

Looper pedals have their strings of objective factors. You need to know about them and understand what makes a good loop pedal.

Number of Footswitches

Footswitches are about many loops. The more footswitches a loop pedal is offering, the more individual loops you have at your disposal. This is a great feature that provides more smooth user experience and opens the gates for more versatility.

Built-In Memory

Memory is necessary for recording the loops. It greatly depends on your needs. If you are a beginner and practicing your guitar skills, a few minutes of memory can be enough.

But if you are a professional, you require hours of memory. In case you like some looper pedal without a great memory feature, you can extend it by using the SD card.

Multi-loop Feature

Most looper pedals offer you the ability to play only one loop at a time. It seems more than enough, but do you know there is a multi-loop feature too that lets you play more than one loop simultaneously?

Get it if your main purpose is to use multiple loops at a time, though keep in mind, the multi-loop feature is available in the expensive looper pedals only, as it is required by the professional musicians.

Authentic Sound

The recorded sound should always be authentic and organic. It shouldn’t lose its quality while recording otherwise there is no point in using the looper pedal. Since your main aim is to practice or create professional beats for the music.

If due to poor rendering or sonic interference the recorded sound quality isn’t up to the mark, you can’t do anything… Every looper pedal should meet this basic demand.

Reverse Looping

Reverse looping is very interesting. Though you hardly use it it is still good to have it for rare use or fun. Mostly this feature is used to add texture in the music. Many modern pedals have this feature for professional musicians.

Top 3 Cheap & Best Looper Pedals For Live Performances

There are many types of boutique looper pedals on the market that open up your creative ability. If you want to learn about them and check how they allow you to insert interesting details into your song, keep on reading.

NUX Loop Core Guitar Pedal

NUX Loop Core Guitar Pedal

Want to use a loop pedal but on a budget? Get the NUX Loop Core Guitar Pedal.

It stands out for two key reasons, first, it is economical and even the novice guitarists can afford it to elevate their playing skills, and second, it has a very impressive built-in memory.

It allows you to record more than 6 hours of sound.

The recording duration is perhaps the best-selling feature of this product. Since many musicians record and at the same time overdub many layers of the sound.

This takes time and a lot of testing. But 6-hours of recording certainly gives an edge and also lets you keep track of how extensive your current loop is. Besides, this looper pedal has a built-in drum machine with 40 patterns and tap tempo.

You have the power to change the playback tempo of any recorded phrase. This is a very valuable feature that not let you necessarily change the key or sans latency.


  • Adding and deleting layers is very easy.
  • It has 40 built-in drum patterns and 99 user memories.
  • You can record and dub as many layers as you need.
  • It is also possible to import and backup phrases looper with PC.
  • You don’t need to change the key for changing the playback tempo.


  • No power supply included.


BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

BOSS RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

The BOSS Company has an entire line of looper pedals.

This unit offers up to 3-hours of stereo recording. We know it is a tad less than what you get from other economic models but it has the storage of 99 loops.

Furthermore, to make their looper pedal more efficient, they have introduced a USB 2.0 Port.

The USB 2.0 Port helps you to import/export your WAV audio. This is something the MIDI controller musicians would love the most.

They can create the layers of the sound in the controller and import the file rather comfortably for looping. Similarly, the loops you generate on BOSS RC-3 can be exported and used in the MIDI controller for your music-related projects.

On the whole, buying this looper pedal can surely help you in the MIDI setup. It is compact, powerful, and let you record long phrases without worrying about memory.


  • It has an ‘Auto Recording’ feature that records the moment you begin.
  • 99 memory locations let you save as many phrases as you want.
  • You can play along with the basic rhythm patterns in BOSS RC-3.
  • The rhythm type and time signature can also be saved.
  • The USB 2.0 Port assist in importing & exporting the files.


  • We didn’t find any special drawback in this looper pedal.


Digitech Jam Man Looper Pedal

Digitech Jam Man Looper Pedal

This looper pedal is notable because it features an optional SDHC card.

This card is developed for experts who have hours of recording. It can store over 16 hours of quality CD audio in 99 additional memories. But additional memories are the bonus; there are 99 internal memories too where the CD-quality looping also happens.

Other than that, it has different footswitches (like loop-up and loop-down) that make your live performance more flexible and give you proper control over the music.

The key feature which we love in Digitech Jam is the ‘Reverse Playback’.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is hard to have this feature in the looper pedal. If you are specifically looking for this feature, this model is surely for you.


  • It has 4 heavy-duty metal footswitches.
  • ‘Reverse Playback’ feature is included.
  • It has a total of 198 memories for storing 16 hours of audio.
  • The mic input makes is ideal for DJ applications.
  • You can quickly create custom jam lists.


  • It can’t switch to another loop during the song.


Best Looper Pedal – FAQs

You have got a question? We have got the answer! Here we are trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions about looper pedal.

What if you don’t have a multiple built-in loop feature?

If you are interested in some looper pedal and it doesn’t have a multiple loop feature, you have the option to buy and add additional pedal for multiple looping. It is possible and many musicians do that for acquiring a multi-layered loop for their music.

How to add different sequences?

In a looper pedal, sequences can be added by plugging in XLR or a microphone. Some people use Aux Jacks too as input for adding music from MP3 players.

What is the True Bypass feature?

The True-Bypass feature keeps the quality of the tone in its original state. The tone that goes out is the same as the tone that goes in. In other words, the True Bypass model doesn’t let the device affect the quality of the tone. It retains the quality of it always.

Can you loop the music through MIDI devices?

Yes, it is possible. To do that, you have to look for the MIDI Synchronization. It is also known as MIDI synch. This feature in the looper pedal assists you in syncing your loops with MIDI devices. However, this feature is rather new and hard to find in the looper pedals.

What Should I look for before buying a looper pedal?

Apart from sound quality, you have to look for a few other things like the construction and reliability of electric circuits. Both of these things are crucial for the efficiency of the model.


When it comes to the ‘Wow’ factor, only BOSS RC-3 impresses. You can create a whole symphony of sound in the live performances without any trouble.

It also enables you to utilize unique effects to create impressive depth in your live performance. So, what are you waiting for?  Get it today and bring out your musical genius even when playing alone in public.

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