Top 3 Best Electric Guitar Capos & Acoustic Guitar: 2020 Buyer’s Guide

An electric guitar capo is one of the most important components for guitar players. Though it is not required; it can do wonders for your guitar tuning and tonality. It is also one of those components that expert guitar players use to complement their specific playing style.

But what is ‘Capo’ and What’s the best Capo for Electric & Acoustic Guitar?


It is like an extra finger. The guitar capo acts as a finger pressing and holding a string. It changes the notes of the string and allows you to play guitar in a different, specific kind of note. You make it sit over the strings and position it across any frets of the neck to acquire your guitar’s open and desired pitch.


If we have to explain the purpose of capos in simple words, you use it to raise the tuning of your electric and acoustic guitar.

3 Best Capo for Electric Guitar Reviews


If you’re looking to buy a good capo for both electric and acoustic guitar. Then below are some best electric guitar capos available right now. We are confident you will find your favorite guitar companion here and alter your guitar’s intonations to the degree you want.

Imelod Zinc Alloy Electric Guitar Capo – Best Shark Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Imelod Zinc Alloy Electric Guitar Capo

It is a really high-quality electric guitar capo and we love it the most.

The reason why we love Imelod Zinc Allow Capo the most is it has a gunmetal sort of material/color that makes it look very expensive and lavish. To get the attention of the modern guitarists, the Imelod developers made this capo with high-quality zinc alloy and turned it into a shark design too which is rather rare and complement specific kind of musicians.

Many electric guitar capos in the market work well in the first few days. Sadly, as some time passes, they begin to lose their strength.

This isn’t the case with Imelod Zinc Allow Electric Guitar Capo.

It has high-performance memory steel that doesn’t deal with fatigue resistance and keeps on providing the strength it needs to work well on the neck of your guitar. It also has a soft silicone interior that doesn’t give any scratches to the neck.

Your guitar stays in the top-notch condition always!


  • It comes in a soft drawstring storage bag.
  • It has high-grade zinc alloy material.
  • There are protective pads to protect your guitar.
  • The shark design is the most appealing.


  • The price is a little bit high.


Bee-Life Professional Electric Guitar Capo – Best Metal Capo for 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Bee-Life Professional Electric Guitar Capo

This capo is perfect for electric guitar players. Since the quality of this capo is great for the price.

It is so pretty; we love the color of it. It is also made with high-quality zinc metal material, though to make it more appealing, it is coated with transparent paint to elevate its appearance more. The great thing about this Bee-Life Professional Capo is, due to its design, you can use it for other instruments too, such as Ukulele, Banjo, and Mandolin.

This feature doesn’t mean it affects its performance on the electric. It is indeed very effective and improves the pitch.

You can play with different keys without returning or changing the fingering. Overall, we recommend it and give it A++ ratings.


  • There is no notable distortion in intonation.
  • It comes with a cleaning cloth and marble colored picks.
  • Due to its design, you can make fast changes on stage.
  • Its delicate silicone pads don’t squeak movement.


  • We didn’t find any drawbacks in it.


GuitarX X-2 – Electric Guitar Capo – Top Original Guitar Capo for beginners

GuitarX X-2 - Electric Guitar Capo

Once we figured out how to put it on the guitar, it worked like a charm.

The GuitarX X-2 Electric Guitar Capo construction and quality are excellent. Just like other capos on our list, it is easy to move it between the frets and it won’t cause any kind of scratches on your instruments either. You can adjust it easily with one hand on the stage while performing.

When it comes to its performance, all is well. It stays in tune with great intonation in all frets. Furthermore, it puts just the right pressure on the string; you won’t find any fret buzz in it.

Apart from this, this product is made from a very durable Aluminum Alloy Metal. It is built to last, and this is probably the biggest plus in it.


  • It has a high-quality silicone pad that protects it against the damages.
  • It has a matte black finish.
  • It is super fast to change between frets.
  • There is no fret buzz in this electric guitar capo.


  • Some people can have an issue with their very curved surface.


Capo for Electric & Acoustic Guitar – FAQs

Have any questions regarding using electric guitar capos? Below are some frequently asked questions by the customers who use the electric guitar capo for the very first time.

Is it important to put the capo closed to the frets?

Yes, it is and we know many professional musicians don’t follow this rule, and it is only because they know what they are doing and they avoid the rules to have a certain kind of tonality they require for their music. But as a beginner, you should put the capo as close as you can to the frets. It prevents the strings of the guitar from warping.

Are there any types of guitar capo?

We have many different types of guitar capo today such as clamp capo, g-band, slider, and spider. Mostly the clamp capos are used for the guitars by all professionals and beginners as they hold all the strings and press them down all across the frets. The other kinds of capos are for advanced players, for example, the spider is used to press and hold only selected strings, not all.

Are all capos made equally?

No, they are not; there is a huge range of designs to choose from. Once you know what kind of capo you need, look for the quality. Since in this component, quality matters the most. If you would opt for a cheap product, it will break down and it won’t be easy to adjust too over and over during your stage-level performance.

Is there anything to avoid while buying an electric guitar capo?

There are some plastic capo models in the market; these capos aren’t great and don’t work in the long term. However, if they are developed by a known company you can trust them. Otherwise, it is good to have a capo which is made of high-quality zinc alloy. They are durable and work for years. Plus, you don’t find any kind of squeaking sound in them too while moving on stage.

Best Guitar Capos – Buying Guide

How to choose the best electric guitar capo? Well, you need to ponder a few things.

  1. Does it have the right adjustment for the tension on the strings? This is one of the most important factors and without having the right adjustment for the tension on the strings, a capo is good for nothing. So, always look for a capo that provides enough adjustment for the tension. If it won’t provide the adjustment of the string tension needs, it will destroy the sound.


  1. When it comes to the capos, we feel it is not wise to pick the most expensive one. Since the quality of all capos is different. Just look for the capo which is affordable and have all the positive features you need to have in your guitar. Besides, if the capo is affordable, you can buy more than one to check out their effects on the tonality of your guitar, and in case something goes incorrect during the adjustment, you can replace it rather comfortably.


  1. You can buy some best-looking capo; there is no harm in it. It is a personal opinion but we feel that the capos which are bulky are irritating and add extra undesirable weight on the neck. It affects your performance and keeps you focused on what’s sitting on the neck rather than relishing the tones. Get a capo that has a sleek, contemporary design and also has a lightweight. Other than that, ensure it is made of quality material, not cheap.


  1. The last advice which we would love to give you here is to learn how to use guitar capo on the guitar before purchasing any product. If you have already used a capo, it isn’t an issue but if this is your first time it is better to have some knowledge about it. Watch some YouTube videos to have a better understanding of it. It will help you choose the right capo for your instrument.


All the above capos on our list are great and work well with electric guitars.

Our top choice has to go to “Imelod Zinc Allow Capo”, because not only do they have a very attractive appearance, but also great construction quality that attracts even the expert guitar players who count on the functions of capos to acquire specific tones. Also, this product has a distinct luxury feeling which turns an ordinary guitar into an expensive one.

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