Top 5 Best Clip-On Tuners for Bass Guitar of 2020

Acoustic musicians often use clip-on tuners. The fact is that they can easily make any mistakes when being near the audience. To notice if you’re playing off key, you should use a clip-on tuner on your other hand. You need to get your hands on one of the best clip-on tuners.

Best Clip-On Tuners for Bass

In this writing, we will focus on reviewing the top of our 5 best clip-on tuners for bass you should purchase. Then, you can easily make your purchase decision.

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Top 5 Best Clip On Tuners for Bass Reviews

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

This model comes with very long-lasting battery life. It is able to operate for up to 18 hours after a full charge. That’s why it’s great for gigs, recording sessions, as well as rehearsals. It has a weight of just 30 grams.

It provides you with six strings at the same time, but it only operates like that for standard E tuning. This tuner can be also used as a chromatic tuner as you want.

It is built with the ultra-bright display that lets you read the screen in dark positions. This one can work for both electric and acoustic guitars. Moreover, it is also known for its elegant look.


  • Comes in three different tuning settings
  • Elegant design
  • Great battery life


  • Polyphonic tuning just operates for standard tuned guitars

KLIQ UberTuner

KLIQ UberTuner

This tuner is one of the favorite choices for professional musicians because of its accuracy. Moreover, it also features the frequency detection speed. It also gives you good battery life. It can last for 16 hours.

If you prefer to get the lightest clip-on tuners out there, don’t miss the KLIQ UberTuner. Another highlight feature of this tuner is the great screen readability. It is equipped with LED backlight with less power.


  • Great accuracy
  • Various tuning modes for different instruments as bass, guitar, violin, and ukulele
  • Simple to read


  • Seems to be too bright at times

Snark SN-8HZ Super Tight

Snark SN-8HZ Super Tight

If you need accuracy over anything else, you should consider this tuner. The product also has the improvement of the new display over the last designs. Moreover, this model is lighter.

The unit allows you to rotate the display 360 degrees. Therefore, it’s easy to monitor your tuning whenever you want. Moreover, the product also comes with good readability thanks to the superior quality of the screen.


  • An excellent improvement over the last designs
  • A 360-degree rotating screen
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • May not be as customizable as you want

Korg SHPRO Sledgehammer Pro

Korg SHPRO Sledgehammer Pro

This brand is sure to give you a massive improvement in tuning accuracy as well as response time. It comes with a 3D visual meter that you can read with ease. Moreover, it also has a good look.

The model also allows you to adjust your readouts. In addition, if you want to calibrate between 436 and 445Hz, you just need to use the right wheel. If you are looking for accuracy, it’s a good idea to use this tuner in strobe mode. Besides, it also brings great battery life.


  • Lightweight design
  • Customizable
  • Good readability


  • Pricey
  • The clip could be more durable to be worth the money

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner

The last tuner we want to list here is the Snark SN5X. This unit ensures to provide you with good things in small packages. You can get the frequency ranges for bass, violin, and guitars. Depending on your preference, you can decide to keep it on the front/ back of the headstock.

It means you can easily read. You haven’t to concern about it affecting tuning accuracy. Thanks to the display rotating 360 degrees, it’s possible to tap a metronome tempo on the unit. That’s why it’s great for use at home.


  • Ease of replacement
  • Great readability
  • Operates well on various instruments
  • Excellent price


  • Performs better for guitars than violins
  • Doesn’t come with many bells for picky musicians or professional

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Clip-On Tuners

Here are some important features you should consider before buying a clip-on tuner for your guitar:


It’s important to have an idea of how fast the tuner operates. This factor is especially important when you’re on the stage or in live settings. Indeed, you will want a fast tuner because your audience doesn’t want to see you tune your guitar.


You need to determine which type is accurate. In addition to the microphone tuners, you can get precise readings on the stage from all accurate types. For those who are in the studio to record, they will want to get the most accuracy.

Tuning Modes

Well, it’s not necessary to use the standard tuning EADGBE if you plan to try Jimmy Page style. Instead, you will want a tuner that operates with various tuning modes because they allow you to use different alternatives. Some high-end guitar tuners come with different built-in tuning modes.


Many people think this is not the most important thing. However, it’s really vital. We can’t deny the fact that all clip-on guitar tuners work on batteries. Therefore, you need to check the battery life before making your purchase.


Another factor to consider before buying a tuner is a display. Some tuners come with adjustable brightness. They are ideal for the stage when you want to dim/brighten up the tuner screen. We recommend you to choose a bigger display to see things easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clip-On Tuners for Bass

How Does a Clip-on Tuner Work?

If you put a clip-on tuner on the headstock of the guitar, it will pick up the pitch when you’re playing. Clip-on tuners collect the vibrations from the strings instead of picking up a sound or electric signals. Nowadays, clip-on tuners have been improved and used popularly at home and on stage.

Are Clip-on Tuners Expensive?

Not all the clip-on tuners are expensive. In fact, you can choose from many accurate clip-on tuners available out there at an affordable price. Moreover, these tuners have been become more and more popular because of their affordable price.

What Is a Sound Hole Tuner?

It is a special type of guitar tuner. Well, a soundhole tuner is designed for accurate tuning of acoustic guitars. This tuner is quite stealthy. This is a good feature of these tuners. Moreover, the hold tuner comes with an adjustable clamp, so you can fasten this small tuner securely to the sound. These tuners can operate like the clip-on tuner.


All the products we listed above are the best choices for you. Hopefully, our list can help you save time when searching for the best guitar tuner. Not all the time you need larger screens or fancy features. You should test the products out yourself. This can help you easily choose the best one to fit your needs and your budget.

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