Top 3 Best Classical Guitars Under $2000 (2020 Reviews)

When it comes to classical guitars, we see many companies compete in manufacturing. Since this guitar sets the standards of the guitar manufacturing companies in the industry and everyone wants to create something beyond imaginable.


A classical guitar is made by the true masters. Only the geniuses are required to create this musical item, who perceive all the details of it and understand the rich legacy and history behind it.


Probably, this is the reason why it is quite expensive too and many people, especially the beginner guitarists without any guitar playing skills avoid it; they don’t want to spend so much money on something which they don’t know how it operates.


However, fortunately, there are many classical guitars that are available under $2,000. You can afford them without challenging your pockets.

Best Classical Guitars Under $2000 Reviews

Here are some of the best classical guitars preferred and recommended by the famous, renowned guitarists; these guitars can be used in professional music studios and live performances.

Antonio Giuliani Classical Guitar(CL-6 Giuliani) – Best Quality and Richness of Sound

Antonio Giuliani Classical Guitar

It is a beautiful classical guitar and has a great tone.

We don’t know how to flood it with compliments; it has everything you need in the classical guitar. First, it is a hand-built model. It is ideal for all those who are more into traditional looks and want something that is constructed with the highest quality skill.

Second, it has 100% real bone saddles and nuts. On top of that, the company has used dual-action truss rods in it. Therefore, you won’t have to replace its components.

To win the competition, the company has offered a digital clip-on tuner too. This is something which we don’t find in the included accessories of a classical guitar.


  • It has a high-quality carrying handle.
  • It is handmade construction.
  • It comes with padded shoulder straps.
  • A digital clip-on tuner is included in the package.


  • We missed some free DVD lessons.


Takamine Pro Series 3 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar – Top Sound, Style, and Performance

Takamine Pro Series 3 Classical Guitar

The Takamine Company is known for achieving the unachievable in their craft. And, we can see that in this Takamine Pro Series version. Though it has a great body and rosewood back and sides; we love it mostly because of its tonal range and quality. It has a full tonal range that is both vibrant and subtle.

People who are solely interested in enjoying the sound of a classical guitar version should opt for this model by Takamine. It sounds incredible acoustically and keeps the entire tone even.


  • It is a handcrafted version by Takamine.
  • The solid spruce top works well with powerful lows.
  • The rosewood back and sides of this guitar enhance the projection of the sound.
  • Its tonal range is vibrant and subtle.


  • You don’t find any special drawback in this model.


Cordoba Nylon String Classical Guitar – Best Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba Nylon String Classical Guitar

It is the best classical guitar for the money.

Assessing its feature and the sound quality prove to us that it is worth every penny. The nylon strings make it a true classical guitar and work so brilliantly in the low and mid-range tones.

These strings also provide natural sustain and fantastic resonance which most other guitars miss.

Other than that, it has a vintage elegance touch that is inspired by a 1920s Domingo Esteso design. The Cordoba Guitars manufacturers also gave it raised ebony fingerboard for easy playability.


  • It is bright and rich and mid ranges.
  • It has a mahogany back and sides.
  • It is inspired by the Domingo Esteso design.
  • Its nickel tuners help you to tune it very precisely.


  • It probably needs an initial neck adjustment.


Best Classical Guitars Under $2000 – Buying Guide for Beginners

Before we get into the recommendations and show you the best classical guitars under $2000, let’s look at some things to consider.

Understand The Guitar

It is important to understand what is a classical guitar. This is the only way to choose the best guitar for your needs. Especially for novice players, it is significant.

They choose the classical guitar but they don’t have any idea why it is the favorite instrument of millions of professional guitar players.

It is a wooden-bodied acoustic string model. Its free 12 strings, which are traditionally found in the classical guitars, are mostly played in a set manner.

That’s why people associate this specific kind of playing with classical guitar only. Moreover, you cover these sets with your bare fingers and fingernails. In a way, it elevates the entire playing experience.

Classical VS Acoustic

There has been a huge debate regarding the classical guitar and acoustic guitar. As a beginner, you may think it is the clash between the sound, which is true also but the main difference between both guitar models is the ‘Strings’.

The classical guitars have nylon strings, whereas most of the acoustic guitars count on the steel strings. Both strings have their unique properties.

For example, the classical guitar strings are good for low mellow sound; they work brilliantly on the low and mid-range notes, whereas the acoustic guitars steel strings are famous in producing rich sound that fills the room.

There are some other differences between these two models also, such as the neck width. In the classical instruments, the width is more, which makes it great for fingerstyle playing.

On the other hand, when it comes to body size, acoustic models take the lead. They are often larger and more bottom-heavy compared to the classical models.

All Models Aren’t The Same

Just like all the other guitar models in the market, the classical instruments aren’t the same either. They are indeed not even created equal. So, if you are planning to buy a classical model, it doesn’t mean it is the best one too.

Let us give you an example.

When you buy a budget-friendly, economical classical guitar, you buy a model that looks nice and glossy at first. Sadly, when it comes to performance, it isn’t so great.

In economical models, the tone quality isn’t good and it doesn’t hold past a few strums. Apart from this, there is a high chance you will deal with the buzzing issue.

The buzz irritates you the most when you are interested in the songs with mellow notes, as buzzing kills their feel.

Know About The Features

Without knowing what features matter the most in the classical guitar versions, you won’t be able to place your money on the best one. Because these instruments take their strengths from different kinds of aspects which don’t matter in other models.

The first feature you must look at is the ‘Sound Wood’. The kind of sound wood used in the classical instruments is a little bit different and influences the sound of the strings.

It also plays a very important role in proper technique and skills. Besides, the tuning ability of this guitar also impacts the whole experience.

Ensure that the instrument you are buying offers better sustainability in the tuning depart, such as tuners, nut, and bridge. If they won’t stay tuned, the guitar won’t perform well in the details of the notes and buzz at some certain degrees.

Best Classical Guitars Under $2000 – FAQs

If you are just starting out, here are some frequently asked questions that will help you in choosing the best classical guitar model.

Is the tuning stability in the classical guitars important?

It is super important and for that reason, you have to look for great tuners. Some tuners will obviously be so expensive but they keep your classical guitar in tune for a very long time. They save money in the long term and don’t compel you to visit the music store time and time again.

Can you buy a classical guitar for a woman or children?

Classical guitars are for both women and children. We understand the full size will be trouble for some people but you can get 3/4 size.

It complements the size and requirements of all people. Especially children can do wonders with it and won’t deal with heavy structure issues.

How to learn a classical guitar as a beginner?

Any new musical instrument should be taught by a professional teacher. For many of us, it can be expensive and joining the music school isn’t an economical solution either.

But today we have online free lessons too that can facilitate learning everything about the classical guitars. They, in fact, teach you how to tune it too on your own.

Is there anything special to know about the classical guitar?

Yes, there is. You hold the classical guitar a little bit differently than other models since it is subject to a lot of complex fingering. The best way to hold it is to be seated with your left leg raised from the ground; a little higher than your left leg.

This kind of diagonal angle gives you a more advantageous position during playing and helps you reach the notes easily.


When it comes to spending more than a thousand bucks on an instrument, you choose the guitar carefully. All these above guitars on our list are great, economical, and have all the quality features of expensive models.

Investing in them means you are investing in something decent and reliable. They will elevate your guitar playing experience to a whole new level.

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