5 Best Blues Acoustic Guitars: Top Cheap Acoustic Guitar for Blues

The blues were first started by the slaves in the U.S. Their songs were all about the hardships of life, struggle, and frustration. However, today, the blues sound and the tone changed slightly because of the introduction of the new musical instruments.

Best Blues Acoustic Guitar

Every true blues fan knows this story. That’s why it is a well-loved genre, admired by millions of musicians. If you are also keen on learning how to play the blues, you need to have the best blues acoustic guitar to produce classic, nostalgic feel.

Though you can enjoy playing electric, the lonesome blues sound feels great on an acoustic guitar… It conveys the raw, rugged emotion of this genre.

Besides, the sound of the acoustic guitar is more soothing, delicate, and precise which suits the mood of the blues genre and expresses true emotions.

Best Blues Acoustic Guitars – Buying Guide

Looking to buy your first blues acoustic guitar? This guide includes information that can assist you in choosing the best blues acoustic guitar for your needs.

Guitar’s Neck

The neck profile of the guitar affects comfort, sound, feel, and action. Therefore, knowing about its wood type is important.

Some commonly used neck woods in a blues acoustic guitar are Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood, and Basswood. All of them have distinct qualities and create a big impact on playability.

For example, the Mahogany neck profile with stainless steel strings gives a little warmer touch to the tone. It is also slightly flexible and lighter than other wood types. On the contrary, the basswood neck type dominates the mid-range of the sound. It is also extremely light and soft.

Rosewood is also very popular but it is expensive; it is preferred by many popular brands due to its smooth, hard surface and clean and bright sound.

Guitar’s Strings

The strings of the guitar determine the quality of the sound. Most people think that the string material makes the difference when it comes to playing blues.

This isn’t true at all. The string material isn’t the issue. The tension on the strings creates an actual effect on the sound. If the tension is less, it would be easier to play, bend the notes, and produce warm, mellow sound. In case the tension is high, it would require more finger pressure, and produce more volume.

Steel strings usually have high tension, as they are often used for rock music; they can be used for blues too but they will require some tuning.

For blues, nylon strings are more suitable. They are easier on fingers and generate a softer tone.

Fits Your Future Plans

Look into the future before buying any guitar. You have to make sure it fits your plans and help your future efforts.

Let us give you an example. If you are in a learning process and want to buy blues acoustic guitar just for fun, a guitar from Gretsch is brilliant. They have great introductory instruments for the beginners that have many features you would expect from the top-rated guitars.

But for playing blues at live shows for years, this brand won’t work. You have to look at some other guitar that would support and carry the tones of blues professionally.

Top 5 Blues Acoustic Guitars

If you are looking forward to what options we consider best, keep on reading. We are going to reveal the best acoustic guitars for blues and mention what kind of experience you can have with them.

Here is our list of the best.

Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is perfect for any blues guitarist.

This is our personal favorite too as it is created by Epiphone – a world-renowned American musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1873.

They have produced many iconic guitars in history and their products are used by several professional musicians also.

If you are particularly keen about learning how to play blues, this product from Epiphone can form and develop your skills.

It features a solid spruce top and a classic neck profile. Plus, the playing height and intonation are spot on right out of the box.

Though you can start playing it right away, if you are a professional, you will probably feel the need to tune it a little bit to achieve the sound you desire.

We don’t know why some people say it lacks in tone. This is probably because they haven’t tuned it correctly.

As a matter of fact, the sound of the Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar is very bright and vibrant. You will be surprised at the clarity and brightness of it… We promise.


  • It has a rosewood fingerboard.
  • The overall sound is warm and mellow.
  • The sound clarity is amazing.
  • It has mahogany back and sides.
  • It is economical.


  • You can feel some buzz near the nut.


Fender All Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

Fender All Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

Now we’d like to draw your attention towards Fender Acoustic Guitar.

It is a well-known, six-string, budget-friendly guitar that has a warm tone to it while playing.

We believe it is also the most versatile blues guitar to own. Since its resonance serves the blues well and provides uniqueness and overall feel-good vibe to it.

Hitting some bass-driven chords on this guitar also catch you by surprise. Even at the lowest frequencies, they pack a punch and deliver a great sound range.

For that reason, it would be correct to say it challenges two or three times more expensive instruments of its kind.

If you are on the fence, get off and get it. It is a comfortable guitar with good quality strings and sounds awesome.

Its spruce top body is visually appealing too; it has a polyurethane finish and has the appearance of mahogany. So, buy it with confidence!!!


  • It has a nice rounded fretboard.
  • The rolled fingerboard edges make it easy to play.
  • The built-in tuner produces great tone quality.
  • It is ideal for beginning to intermediate level players.
  • It has a warm-sounding solid mahogany top.


  • It does have a slight string buzz.


Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar, Natural – Best Guitar for Slide Blues

Gretsch Roundneck Boxcar, Natural

If you are in the market for something a bit different, check Gretsch Roundneck Boxcar.

It is a brilliant starter if you are planning to play or learn the blues.

This guitar is an all-mahogany body with an entirely new sonic palette, which brings you way back to the roots of the blues.

The warm tone of the Gretsch has a unique feature too. It can get as loud as the player wants it to and won’t create the buzzing sound either.

However, bear in mind, the overall sound of this instrument is far away from any other guitar on our list. It is nothing but pure blues, but some experts say it is very different and like nothing else in today’s market.

This is probably because it lacks bass which makes the sound raw. Therefore, for experts, it depends on what you are wanting to do with this guitar.

If you are looking for a loud, woody tone with warmth in it and the touch of blues, it is a perfect choice. But, you can’t expect this tone to work in all the genres of the music.


  • It has a very light satin finish.
  • The F-holes are cut clean.
  • It is loud but not like a cannon.
  • Its round neck is preferable for blues-based music.
  • It is capable of playing layers of rustic, rich sounds.


  • The playability isn’t so great; it lacks some bass.


Taylor 100 Series Acoustic Guitar – Best Acoustic Guitar under $1000

Taylor 100 Series Acoustic Guitar

Experts also label Taylor 100 Series Acoustic Guitar idyllic for any blues guitarist.

It is a good guitar to play the blues on. The overall build and tone carry the guitar forward and cement it as a great instrument for all levels of players.

And, with a very fair price tag, it becomes the overall winner in our list.

Generally, Taylor’s guitars are known for too bright sound quality, but this model has a warm tone feel professional blues players are usually looking for.

Although we are not so particular with brand names, we must admit this guitar from Taylor has won us over. It is almost impossible to find any drawback in it.

Due to its brilliant sound quality, it even makes a novice player sound like a pro. We love it every time we play it in our studio.


  • It has a grand auditorium shape.
  • It is a wonderful guitar for live performance too.
  • It is also great for traveling musicians.
  • It is made with premium quality wood.
  • The warm tone feel is ideal for a variety of playing styles.


  • There isn’t any special drawback.


Taylor BBT Big Baby Guitar – Best Acoustic Guitar under $500

Taylor BBT Big Baby Guitar

This is another beauty from Taylor.

In the mid-range price department, this is probably one of the best blues acoustic guitar.

If you have heard that some guitars are easier to play than others, you need to check this one. It is easy to handle and play.

From body shape to height, variation in tones to the spacing between the strings, everything is suitable for a beginner, who is interested in learning different tricks.

The Sitka spruce top with layered Sapele back gives it a bit vintage look which most blues players love. Plus, the pack of steel strings on a high-end ebony neck and a set of high-quality frets create sounds in many variations.

For example, it keeps the sound mellow and dry but at the same time, it can be bright enough to play the rich tones.

This is truly what makes this guitar stand out from others. It is best suited for those blues rhythm guitarists who are after a greater, diverse tone.


  • You can get it for a quite low price.
  • It is specifically created for beginners blues masters.
  • It has a surprisingly high-end ebony neck.
  • We love the diversity in its tones.
  • The high-quality frets give more depth to their performance.


  • It is hard to find any drawback in it.


Best Blues Acoustic Guitars – FAQs

Here are some of the most interesting questions we get asked about blues acoustic guitars. Check here to see if you can find an answer to your specific questions.

Can I buy a blues acoustic guitar from a local brand?

Small, local companies can’t offer the comfort and quality you look for in a professional blues acoustic guitar. Their guitars look fine but they aren’t tested by the professional musicians.

How should I be learning to play blues without any experience?

The best option you have is to sign up for the classes or hire a professional instructor. In case this isn’t possible, you can watch and take guides from free YouTube videos as well to comprehend how to play blues and how exactly the blues acoustic guitars work.

What specific feature my blues acoustic guitar should have?

We can mention thousands of features, though if it is your first time, get the guitar you feel you will enjoy playing the most. Your interest in the guitar matters the most.

Are the mellow, warm tones necessary for blues?

Yes, they are. But a pinch of brightness in a guitar is also necessary to achieve the desired sound. Especially, the steel strings facilitate in achieving the brightness and clarity of the sound.

Are there any benefits of a larger guitar?

There are some benefits of a larger guitar, such as the sound quality can be a little bit better. Also, due to their wide-neck design, you can practice the fingerstyle technique comfortably.


When it comes to blues, emotions first and technicalities later. It is more about personal choice. Just pick the one you feel good about. The only thing you must focus on is sound. If the sound of the guitar is natural and serves the blues well, opt for it.

Overall, we believe Taylor 100 Series Acoustic Guitar is ideal for blues guitarists. It is well worth a consideration if you want to play the blues only.

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