The 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners

The acoustic guitar is known as one of the instruments used by many people, because of its special sound and outstanding advantages. However, during playing, the guitar strings frequently break due to unstable-quality strings or a range of other reasons.

Therefore, players should note the instructions for choosing the best classical guitar strings and what are the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners through this article.

How to choose the acoustic guitar strings

There are many different types of acoustic guitar strings, with brands like Martin, Elixir, D’Addario, and Ernie Ball all famous and used by many around the world.

So how to pick up the right acoustic string for your instrument? It is advisable that you attempt to try some types of strings until you find an acoustic string that sounds good and fits your playing style.

In fact, buying guitar strings is like choosing your first guitar, you should not choose the first one you see.

A cheap set of acoustic strings usually won’t last very long, but buying a good set of strings that fits your playing style will bring a lot of fun and great benefits.

1. Sound quality

Do you know the sound quality of an acoustic guitar is partly made by the strings? Strings with good material and stable tension definitely make your guitar become perfect than ever.

In addition, directly experiencing the guitar sound will help you feel what kind of strings are right for you.

However, if you do not have experience in this, you should consult the experienced guitar players or the consultants at the instrument shop to be able to buy the best acoustic guitar strings.

2. Tension

Each type of guitar string is designed with different materials as well as different sizes. Normally, with big strings with high tension, the guitar’s sound will be louder. However, the player must use more strength when playing this acoustic guitar, which might make it difficult for beginners.

For lighter gauge strings, it is very easy to bend, which is suitable for beginners and fingerstyle players. In contrast, heavier guitar strings will be harder to play but it will produce a louder and firmer sound. A dreadnought-style acoustic guitar with a good resonator would be best suited for using medium or heavier strings for a bigger sound.

3. Materials

The material of the strings has a very important impact on the sound of the guitar. The two most common materials used for acoustic guitar strings today are copper and phosphor copper. You will often see copper called 80/20 copper because it is made of 80% copper and 20% zinc.

The 80/20 strings provide a bright and sharp sound. Phosphorus copper wire tends to last longer because the metal is protected from oxidation. Phosphorus copper wire creates a warmer sound than 80/20 copper wire.

The coating of the strings plays an important role in the playing feeling and the sound of the strings. Some brands – especially Elixir and D’Addario’s EXP – have very thin coatings that help protect the string from oil, moisture, dirt, and rust, lengthening its life.

Although these strings are usually more expensive, they have 5 times longer usage time so that you can save money and save time because you do not have to change often.

5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners

Dean Markley

Like other famous wire brands, Dean Markley also has several Acoustic strings. Some popular items such as Helix, Helix Phos.

If you want to experience something different, try Markley’s Blue Steel strings. Dean Markley uses cryogenic technology to increase the strength and sound balance of the strings. As for the 12-string guitar, Dean Markley also has the Vintage Bronze line.

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball is the largest string manufacturer in the world. It gives us more choices than any brand, only for Acoustic strings, there are dozens of them to choose from. You can experience to choose for yourself the best acoustic strings. In addition, Ernie Ball also has acoustic piano strings, banjos strings, mandolin, violin strings, cello, etc.


This is one of the most famous guitar production brands in the world, Augustine’s product is so popular that almost every guitarist knows the brand.

Augustine’s strings often bring a deep, warm sound, very good musical expression, but another advantage of this string is that at an affordable price, buyers are able to own the outstanding quality strings.

What’s more, the string is soft, easy to play, helps you not to spend too much effort when playing your instrument, very suitable for those who are new to the acoustic guitar.


That’s all about What are the best acoustic guitar strings for beginners?. Whether you’re new to acoustic strings for the first time or purchased strings for 100th, keep an eye out and try out new strings on the market, from a new string, new material, or new overlay. It is important to keep experimenting until you find your favorite type of strings.

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