3/4 Guitar vs Full Size Guitar – Which Guitar Size Is Better for Beginner

3/4 Guitar vs Full Size Guitar!  What’s the difference between them and What guitar size should I get? This is one of the most common questions we receive each day. People understand that the size of the guitar creates a big impact on playability. Therefore, matching the right size for each person is important. It can affect personal comfort and influence the sound and tone profiles too.

3/4 Guitar VS Full Size Guitar

Please, note it is immensely tough to categorize guitar sizes.

Since, these days, there are lots of companies that try to mimic the attractive shapes of the guitars to attract buyers. Their guitar shapes are subtly different and it is tough to recognize them just by looking at their pictures.

If you are planning to buy a guitar online, it is imperative to check their size in the description. Don’t just go on their looks and shape; you will end up buying the wrong fit.

Today we will talk about two important and popular guitar sizes – 3/4 Guitar & Full-Size Guitar. Both of them have different benefits, features, and drawbacks. In this guide, we will answer some of the most important questions about them and reveal which one is the best for you.

Which Guitar Size Is Better?

Of course, the full-size guitar is a million times better than a 3/4 size acoustic guitar. It has more features, great sound quality, and a good dynamic range. It is expensive but it can be used by both beginner and professional-level players.

The 3 4 size guitar string is designed mostly for the children or teenagers; they can handle it well because of its compact size and travel with it also for fun.

3/4 Guitar VS Full-Size Guitar – Comparisons and Reviews

Specific 3/4 Guitar Full-Size Guitar
Features When we talk about the 3/4 guitar size, we mean the distance between the nut and the bridge saddle.

It is really around 7/8 in size (about 10% smaller) compared to a full-size guitar, that's why it is also known as a mini guitar for teenagers or travel guitar for outdoor fun.

The 3/4 guitar size is perfect for people beginning to learn to play guitar. It is also great for players who travel around a lot and need to show their skills in different places.

You can keep your skill up while you are away as well as relax at the end of a long day. It can indeed be an optimal alternative for serious musicians also.

If they are into generating quieter sound in the music, they can count on it. Its smaller neck and body provides a great quieter sound for testing different tracks that won't result in angry neighbors and cops at your door. Even in the shared apartment, you can utilize its softer sounding without any trouble.

For that reason, especially for children, it is a great choice; they can polish their skills in quieter sound and won't disturb the peace at home either.

Besides, due to their smaller body, children and teenagers can comfortably wrap their hands around 3/4 size guitar neck to play chords. However, in case you opt for a full-size guitar for them, it can be immensely difficult for them to move their arm around its body.

Plus, the depth of a full-size guitar can cause further discomfort and kill their passion for the music. The important question is, can it produce a sound like a full-size guitar?

No, it cannot. We know, in the description, you would see things like built-in preamps and output jacks to achieve the sound of a full-size guitar, but it isn't true.

The built-in features to produce original sound work and facilitate in producing aggressive active tones, but when it comes to the overall sound quality, recording, and the diversification of notes, a full-size guitar always wins.

A full-size guitar helps you grow into a great player. If you are armed with dedication and the right information about its features and musical notes, you can transform yourself into a legend and perform in live shows.

A general full-size guitar is around 38 inches long. It is also known as 4/4 guitar in the market. This guitar is always inspected and adjusted for great playability for professional musicians.

Sadly, this isn't something which we can find in a travel 3/4 guitar. This is the most overlooked aspect of 3/4 size in fact. Besides, repeated practice on its poor adjustments sends incorrect information to our brains.

It becomes impossible for us to learn and comprehend the accuracy of the notes. We can't differentiate between choppy, uneven notes and notes with great resonance and tone.

On the other hand, the price tag of a full-size guitar may seem a little high compared to 3/4, but it is a great sounding instrument with surprisingly high-end, excellent projection, and rich tone.

Its overall material, like nylon strings or solid wood, enhances the sound quality and adds reinforcement to the soundboard.

Especially, the body types in the full-size guitar are exceptional. They not only have their distinct visual appeal, but also specific characteristics that affect and shape the sound.

For example, the 'African Ebony' body type in a full-size guitar produces richly ringing over tunes, whereas 'Hawaiian Koa' blends the mid-range focus with brightness and chime.

Pros It is a less expensive product.

It is beneficial in producing quieter sounds.

Its compact size is ideal for young musicians.

You need to make only minor adjustments in them before starting your jam session.

Its convenient size is best for traveling.

The full-size guitar can have additional strings.

It is for both beginning and experienced guitarists.

It contributes to a vibrant tone; suitable for all genres of music.

Most of these guitars have a digital tuner.

They are great for fingerstyle playing too.

Cons If you are concerned with the recording quality, 3/4 guitar isn't for you.

You cannot acquire a strong sound projection.

It is not a fully-portable guitar.

It is not for children or teenagers with a small height.

Bottom Line Some of the 3/4 size guitar's features have proven a little controversial with some professional guitarist, but for teenagers, who are looking for an affordable model, it can be a real treat. The full-size guitars tend to be more expensive due to their sound quality and features. Their loud and powerful sound is ideal for professional players; they can use it in the grand concerts also and get good volume from a light touch only.
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Always select the right guitar size.

If you are planning to buy it for a child or teenager just for fun or practice, 3 4 guitar size is the best choice. You can have a few technical disadvantages in it, but you aren’t using it in the live shows. It is just for learning how to properly use your fingers on the fingerboard.

Buying a full-size guitar for a child and thinking it is a one-time investment can cause trouble in many ways. For instance, for a child, it would be difficult to make the proper reach with both the right and left hand. He can’t properly move his fingers on the fingerboard.

It would be utterly difficult, uncomfortable, and painful. Therefore, it is pertinent to pick a guitar that compliments age, experience, and passion.

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